Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day weekend

How was your father's day? Hope it was great...Oh I miss my dad...he was the best father in the world..sigh..

Last weekend we celebrated Father's Day at the Serpentine Lido, in Hyde Park.

Adam had a wonderful time...

with his best Dad in the world...

Great place..we do recommend it..perfect for an outdoor party..

the playground is really safe and you can just let them roam and play..

You can swim in this lake in the Lido ( but not other places at the lake) . The water looked kinda murky and there are ducks swimming in it but people seem to be swimming anyway..the view there is amazing..

I'm so grateful that summer is here. We're trying to enjoy summer as much as we's the perfect time to go out and enjoy nature.. It feels so good let loose and just play like children. It's like reliving childhood through our children eyes, where everything is wonderful and magical. even simple things like having our toes dipped in sand..


Fathinz the wedding planner said...

when i grow up i want to graduate in Imperial College London.. comelnyee adam and mia. kaki mia. geram

Azura Abdul Jamil said...

geram nye rtengok kaki Mia...chubby!!

Zaila Mohamad said...

memang geram tengok kaki Mia, rase macam nak gigit2 jek

mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

salam dear
its been awhile since i blog hop.
it's the hormone i guess, not too sure why, this time around, pregnancy is stopping me from using the pc. each time i look at the computer screen i tend to get nausea and such.
however im glad that i take the lil extra effort to sit infront of the laptop as i have missed lots of ur entries.
oh my, such lovely pieces of sewing you have here, masyaAllah.
mia's baju is just soooo adorable! and of she is one adorable baby too! with her chubby pipi, cuteness!!!

now im hoping that i'll be having another gal so i can tempah cute dresses from you, or perhaps get u to make dresses from the outgrown onesies soon.

Melina said...

Parks are great aren't they? We have quite a few small ones around us but Cassiobury Park in Watford is brilliant for kids. Huge new playground, 3 splash pools, miniature train ride and bouncy castles. You must come over!


aida said...

kak fathin,
daddy dia la belikan shirt tu..hehe

azura and zaila,
mmg selalu kaki dia kene gigit..hehe

you're pregnant!! congratulations!!! i'm grateful you find my blog worth your precious blog-hopping time..wah makin meriah la rumah you pasni munirah..

that Cassiobury Park sounds wonderful. btw, does your invite still stand for your daughter's birthday? i read that comment rather late.if it does, here's my email address;

NEEZAneedles said...

Hi Aida, nk Tanya, previous entry u ada mention about buying knit cotton fabric in Malaysia. Care to share kedai mana u beli? Tq in adv.


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