Monday, July 5, 2010

Adam's Potty Training , Day 1

Finally now I think we're ready for potty training so yesterday was Adam's first potty training day. I borrowed a book from the library on potty training and according to the book you can train a child in 7 days so i'm following the 7 days program. I don't know if it can happen but i'll give it a try...

The scoreboard. A star for every successful potty.

The potty, in the living room where we spend most of the day.

child's seat on our regular toilet

a step bench for him to wash his hands in the sink

a pail for wet/soiled pants

In the morning after his shower, we told Adam that he's a big boy now, that he doesn't need to use his nappy anymore and can just wear pants like Mommy and Daddy.

Every 15 mins, I asked him to sit on the potty. And gave him lots of praise and encouragement when he does.

So how was the first day?

it was LONG! omg....what a long long day. You know, the problem wasn't the accidental little puddles. I was prepared for those. I had many extra pants, a bucket for soiled/wet pants, towels for cleaning up after any accidents, wipes etc. Also my husband was around to help me out. And i knew from reading the book that he will surely have a lot of accidents on the first day. What I didn't expect was how hard it would be to get him to sit on the potty. EVERY 15 MINUTES. OMG. it was horrible. He refused everytime we ask him to sit there. My plan was not to force him, just to encourage and at the last resort maybe just bribe with treats. But it was just near IMPOSSIBLE to get him to sit. And if i give in and not force him to sit every 15mins, he will surely have an accident (about 2 secs after him saying 'No, no pee) So there lies my dilemma. I don't really want to force him because i don't want his potty training experience to be painful and full of resentment. Even when offered bribery like chocolates he refused. It was just so frustrating..

The good thing is though that on every occasion that he does sit on the potty, he can successfully do a pee or poo in it.

The scoreboard is mainly for Adam's motivation but i also kept a secret recording of the day's total score. At the end of the day, there are more number of successful potty than accidents. So i guess it wasn't such a nightmare afterall huh? sigh....i can't tell you how relieved we were come sleeptime...phew...

Day 2 today. No husband. oh no...i'll tell you the story tomorrow.


yumyum said...

wah, thank you for posting the details. keep it up ayda. so that i can refer to your posts when the time comes hehe. and ..GOOD LUCK!

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

yups aida, thanks for this. rayyan pun macam dah ready. because everytime dia nak pee dia pegi kat balcony and bukak cd dia.. i shud start buy proper potty so that dia paham kan.. aida, u can also read here

Unknown said...

salam..aida...good luck for the potty traning tuk ADAM,
just nak share...jgn wat 15 minit ajak adam pi pee or poo..wat 30 minit sekali..anak saya yg sabaya dgn adam dah lama tak pakai nappy,hanya bernappy masa tido mlm atau nak popo jew...apaer pun tahniah sbb ader kan class potty training tu ADAM...HIHIHI

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

anak buah aku ,adam gak nama die, siap tanak makan sbb pressure potty training..coz in his mind kalau makan akan poo poo, so, die tanak makan, & tibe2 kurus. sed..tapi skang ni dah berjaya la, but malam still pakai nappy, and guess? die dah 4 thn skang, pun belum berjaya lagi..coz my SIL (his mom) tak smpai hati nak paksa..kire Adam Mikhael lagi terer sbb awal2 dah pektis..good luck to u & Adam!

aidafiqs adamia said...

the program it pretty simple, but it works, it seems. yes i'll keep updating the progress..

kak fathin,
what i'm doing here is stage 2 of potty training. when your kid shows signs of readiness, boleh start stage one which is to introduce him to the potty, mcm masa mandi, or masa tukar nappy, and also when you go to the toilet yourself, take him with you let him sit on the potty. and show him how to take off his own pants, wipe himself and wash his hands. when you think you're both ready (you will need to commit to that 7 days straight, kalau tibe2 tgh program pakai nappy balik nak balik kampung ke will confuse him) you can proceed to stage 2. ini berdasarkan buku yg i baca tulah...and thank you for the link!

masa morning of Day 1, i did try 30 mins interval (wlaupun buku tu ckp buat every 15 mins) sbb i pikir mcm takkan lah dia pee every 15 mins kot kan..but he did pee accidentally at the 15 mins interval. esp sbb first day dia takleh kontrol dia punya bladder lagi and not aware of not wearing nappy yet. so i guess betul gak buku tu soh buat every 15 mins. lps sometime boleh increase the interval...sbb dia dah pandai control...

wait2..mmg mlm still blom potty train lagi. paling cpt boleh train mlm no nappy after 3 years old and kalau budak tu bgn pagi nappy dia kering, which means dia dah leh kontrol bladder mlm2..mungkin anak sil ko blom ready..

Anonymous said...

wah...semua Thomas & Friends ye? Beli di mana ye? Ada jual online tak? Bagus ni utk menarik minat anak potty train ;)

aidafiqs adamia said...

beli at mothercare je...


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