Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wild Swimming - book review

Oh my God, I wish I'd gotten this book sooner.

The book is printed on high quality magazine type paper, in full colour. All the pages are full of jaw-dropping gorgeous photos of magical hidden swimming holes...really beautiful photography..

The author and his friends personally tested all these places. There are very clear directions on how to get there, the nearest postcode, grid location, the nearest train stations etc. The water quality is graded so we know how clean the water is going to be. This book also tells us how far and how hard to walking is from the nearest car park. Some are difficult walks, for the hikers and keen walkers. Some are near and easy, great for families like us. there are descriptions about the places, the history behind swimming in these places, recommendations on good pubs and shops near to it.

There are mouth watering photographs of all the places, inspiring us to swim in the wild. Even for the places that I know I can't go ( some are so hidden, you'll have to walk in difficult terrain for an hour, but of course these are the most beautiful and unspoiled) it feels wonderful just to read about it and look at the photos. The author gives clear descriptions, with the wisdom of the local. You know how these hidden places usually we can only find if we live there and know the local area? He even categorise the swimming holes into catagories like - best for families, best for picnics, best for jumping/diving, best for camping, best for water tubing, best for skinny dipping etc. Also, they are divided into regions with clear maps so you can choose which ones are nearest to you. It sets me daydreaming all day ;)

Those of you in the UK, and love the water (even if you don't you will surely feel inspired to anyway), please get this book. Thats all i have to say!

no i am not paid to do this review ;)

p/s: we're going on another wild swimming adventure tomorrow, yay!

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Kak Ryn said...

Aida, belikan kak ryn satu leh. :) cam suke je nak baca buku tuuu.. even x dapat pegi pon.


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