Sunday, July 4, 2010

Aiesha's birthday party

Yesterday we went to Aiesha's (Melina's daughter) 3rd birthday party. Hands down most fun birthday party ever! Thank you Melina for inviting us...she baked the birthday cake (shaped like the number 3) herself and also cooked all the food! powerlah supermommy..we appreciate the personal touch, definitely. I made a dress for the beautiful birthday girl but lupa nak amik photo..hope it fits her, and hope she likes it in all its imperfections.

enjoy the photos! (taken by my husband using his new iphone..boleh tahan kamera iphone..)


Melina said...

Thanks for coming all the way to join in the fun. Happy Adam had fun and little Mia is such a little dolly! Rasa macam nak geget-geget aje.

The dress is gorgeous! I think Aiesha likes it as she was bugging me to get it on her this morning but both Nigel and I were too knackered to get up so she eventually gave up. LOL! By the time I mustered enough energy to respond to her request she was into something else. I'll get her to try it on soon and send you the pictures.


Nadia said...

her swimming suit is soooooo adorable on her! i wanna chew her! haha.

Hada Masayu said...

aida, comelnya bdk2 tu..blusher2 pipi..

aidafiqs adamia said...

the journey on the tube was almost hassle-free, really..sbb adam loves trains :) oh and we gigit mia too all the guys must be tired. you punya party cover all aspect dari food sampai kids' entertainment/toys, pinata even the goody bags pun kan..alah how sweet that mia punya goody bag ade sippy cup and teether ring. you really put some personal touch in everything! love it!ah yes please do send some photos...

that suimsuit is a thrifted treasure. jumpa kat charity!

comelkan anak2 melina...rase nak kidnap sorang...


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