Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day out in Camden Market ( and Potty Training results)

It turns out that the 7 days program didn't work as well as i'd hope. I'm almost too depressed to even write about it. Like my husband said maybe he's not ready yet...or maybe it'll take more time. Adam hasn't had a dry day yet....i guess i'll just keep going until we get there. Oh well. No point stressing about it today we decided to take it easy and went out for a relaxing boat trip to Camden Market...

Beautiful Camden Lock.

We found a few treasures at the market today..

This gorgeous thrifted vintage throw..i am loving yellow right now, perfect for summer..I am going to use this one for our picnics..

it turns out that vintage items are much cheaper here than husband got a really neat vintage leather football..

There's this shop that sells handmade quilts..all of them are just beautiful...taktau mana nak pilih..


niza said...

i think the age is suitable for potty training, but myb need more time..say, 2 wks?personally i think girls are easier than boys when come to potty training but dont give up ok!

LiXa the Mama Alya said...

i love your quilts! don't give up dear. Nanti slow2 mesti die pandai k :) Just has faith in your dear handsome boy

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

omg. quilt tuh sangat sangat sangat cantek lah aida.!

ibuhannah said...


dont feel too pressured to make it happen in 7 days. kids are different fr one another. Some might take longer. Maybe utk 3-4 y/o 7 days are adequate. Hannah took 14 days to be dry day n night. Just don;t put a limit to the days you want to train him. do it at your own pace. plus u ade anak lain nak dijaga. maybe yang dapat buat in 7 days had no other child to look after. =)

don't worry. you're doing good. keep it up... tell us all about it when he's graduated. all the best you two..

tuty said...

its ok aida. like what ibuhannah said, you have another one to take care. i took 14 days to train my son and a series of awful accidents (the worst is 'ter' kat tangga. so kena bersihkan tangga dari atas sampai bawah, plus dinding).

ada masa i tak tahan, i just give my son a break. my mom marah i buat camtu sbb nnt the kid mcm confuse. but i need to keep myself calm :P


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