Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Potty Training, Day 3

The difference between Day 2 and Day 3 is like day and night. As if a light has been switched on and suddenly everything is clear.

I suppose Adam has now understood what is happening and is adapting himself to the situation. Bravo Adam! My husband worked from home yesterday to help me out, thank you my big hero! Also, Mia napped as usual yesterday, thank you's like all the stars were aligned ;)

Throughout the whole day, we reminded him to go potty when it's time ( I stretched the intervals to about 20-30 mins around mid- day) . Sure he pretended not to listen, or just said No no no! to delay it but eventually he went to potty himself. I think he can probably feel it when it's coming so he goes potty when he's ready. He didn't want help, he'd say 'No! Adam walk' (maknanye takyah hold his hands/pick him up) and 'Adam bukak' (his pants). Sometimes he just couldn't wait to get it done so that he could start playing again, lps pee terus nak pakai pants nak sambung main..tanak pause to wash hands or wipe..had to help him out with this part sometimes..but it's ok, as long as he still wants to go potty..

Total score of the day - 2 accidents (delay punya delay, terlepas) but the rest are all successful potty, including a poo! score! It's not easy to get a child to do the number two in the potty for the first time right mommies? So i consider this a huge achievement.

Alhamdulillah, I felt so relaxed yesterday compared to Day 2. I was even able to knit in between potty time! I'm starting to see that this 7 days program could actually work, just maybe.

Today's Day 4, no hubby, but I'm feeling hopeful. Wish us luck!


Mamamarina said...

wahh... aku dulu pon aunty aku soh potty training iffah and ariff mase cuti pantang Izzah.. tp aku x sabar and malas nak layan.. aku just tunggu sampai die mintak sendiri xnak paaki diaper.. then i think thats the easiest way.. ehehh cheapskate..
whatever pon.. good luck Adam and u babe!! bagus la ko nih.. aku pon x rajin camnie..

aidafiqs adamia said...

aku rase masa pantang new baby is a terrible time to be potty training. you have a new baby so you're exhausted, not enough sleep and have no energy to dedicate to potty training. and also, your kids are emotionally trying to cope with a new sibling in the house. bijaklah ko tak train time tu...

farrahar said...

Bravo Adam!

I toilet trained my boy during confinement, about 1 month post labor. I was racing against time since I was going to go back to work later, and my mom was around so she could help look after the new baby.

I took it slow though. Took him to the toilet every 1 hour, then gradually increased it to 2-4 hours. By 1 month he was almost fully toilet trained, including nite trained.

But taking him to pee at public toilet is really no fun. I always get the daddy to do that. LOL!

mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

ive started toilet train harith a month plus but i cant say im successful yet.accident hardly happen provided i remind him. i kind of know his timing now. mandi pagi, about 1230 noon n at about 430 n mandi ptg he will urinate again. mlm i hvnt start yet, my maid lah slalu pakai kn diapers on harith after evening shower n if i suruh bukak he refused. so far if i remind him to urinate at those time, accident wont happen. ntah bile lah he will go to the loo without the need of reminder

adam seems to br doing well!

Anonymous said...

How about night time? Pakai diapers jugak ke?? My daughter is already 3 years old and I haven't started to potty-train her yet!


tuty said...

i've trained my Adam for more than a month now. Alhamdulillah no more accidents. Successfully accidents-free after 2 weeks. Tu pun sbb he refuse to go to the toilet even after reminders.

I was all positive, encouragement etc until he peed on the carpet right after bath in front of me. Masa tu I tgh penat, I straight away angkat dia, put him outside of the house! (kebetulan spot tu mmg dekat dgn pintu). terus dia rasa mcm kena punish, nangis2 ckp sorry.

after that ntah mcm mana ok je. I pakaikan diapers after dia tdo mlm. Actually pagi biasanya kering je, tp precaution! hehe.. skrg dia kelam kabut lari pegi toilet kalau dah tak tahan. it's funny!

my son now diaperless during the day but he is still wearing diaper for a long journey, ie balik kg and outings. lega sgt skrg da jimat beli diaper.

good luck Aida! now i'm struggling to wean him from bottle :(

Hada Masayu said...

aida..excitednya aku nk tnggu the final rslt at day 7!!!hehe..

Anonymous said...

salam. wow, 3rd day 1/2 dah nak boy was potty trained (day only la) then bile dapat baby, nampak baby pakai diapers dia pun nak pakai gak...sudah...siap kata baby pakai yg small, arif pakai yg now kena start all over again...hopefully, same case will not happen to you (mungkin berlaku kalau dapat adik lagi dalam masa terdekat :P)

Melina said...

Well done Adam for doing so well. Well Aida for being so dedicated with the 7 day program. I allowed Aiesha to set the pace and thankfully she is now potty trained after months of negotiations. Maybe I should use the 7 day program for Sophia.


aidafiqs adamia said...

kalau you bawak dia toilet every hour tu dia tak accident ke in between? wah tererlah siap train malam skali..dia mmg dry terus mlm or you bek gi toilet gak mlm2?

kire oklah sgtlah tu minurah, that he doesn't have any accidents...

night time still pakai nappy. according to the book, lps over 3 years old baru boleh start wean from night nappy, after you observe dia punya nappy dah dry in the mornings..

congratulations! Adam tak pakai bottle langsung ever since we came to london. I didn't even use a sippy cup, just give him a normal cup for any drink - milk, water, juice. it was hassle free sbb dia rasa mcm big boy, dpt minum cup biasa mcm mommy and daddy..goodluck!

alamak...jgn excited dulu..takut tak jadi lak..hehe

when did you potty train your son? according to the book, do not potty train within 2 months before and after the arrival of a new baby. if you do, there is a chance that he will revert back to nappies, or wanting to be treated like a baby. it is a huge deal for a toddler to accept a new sibling. thats why i tak jadi train adam (ingat dulu nak train before mia lahir)

i don't know yet if this 7 days program can work. we'll see....congrats on succesfully potty training aiesha..

farrahar said...


I pun tak tau macam mana dia boleh nite time trained. Macam magic! Lol! We just take him to the toilet one last time before bed. And then tengah2 malam karang dia pandai pulak bangun nak kencing kat toilet. The daddy is the one who will take him to the toilet la (while I pura-pura tido mati :D).


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