Monday, May 9, 2011

Let's get grow

I've been thinking about growing herbs this year at the early spring. But so far, we have proved to be highly unsuccessful planting-wise. I was beginning to think we have 'red hands'. I'm serious, every time we grow something, they die. One time, a potted herb died within a couple hours of being brought in the house - yes, they literally wilted and die.

The recent planting occur quite by accident. We were going out to the GP and Adam didn't want to come. So to entice him I said 'Adam, how about we went to the shop and get some seeds to grow on our way back?' At this prompting, he immediately got up and get ready. All the way there he kept saying 'Nak grow! nak grow! Dad let's get grow first ok?'

I made sure Adam does all the work. My husband and I might have red hands, who knows, maybe Adam's hands are green right? Anyway he didn't need any motivating, he was more than happy to do it 'myself!' as he said.

sowing the seeds....

watering the seeds...

Adam was rather proud of his work. Every few minutes he came to check to see if it's grown. Needless to say he was frustrated that first day. He said 'It's not worked!'. Insofar, his only idea of growing came from reading and playing games whereby the seeds appeared immediately after watering. So naturally he expected it to be quick. This is the perfect opportunity for him to learn what real growing is like.

Luckily we planted a few days before our Mallorca trip. So on the day that we arrived, when we checked on those seeds..

hey what's that?

The seedling have grown! Adam was most surprised and was I, quite honestly :)

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