Friday, May 6, 2011

Mallorca pictures

We spent a week in Mallorca, a beautiful island in Spain. I was glad I opted for the no-chaos, relaxing, sun-soaking beach holiday, somewhat typical for British holidaymakers. We were all a little unwell, Adam especially so, so the lazy days at the beach were most welcomed.

(I warn you this entry is picture heavy!)

The beach in front of our hotel was spectacular. The long white sandy beach and stunning blue water stretches for miles.

My poor baby was sickly for probably half of the week. In the above picture, he asked for a cuddle, and a few minutes later exploded with vomit all over his feet and shoes. His mood swings rapidly from happy to poorly. But he didn't throw one tantrum all week. The lovely owner of the restaurant that we frequented said that 'he's an angel!' (to which he replied 'No, I'm just Adam')

This pretty little angelic looking girl however....hehe...grew soooooo much cheekier in Spain! I swear, even her hair started curling upwards in a haphazard manner making her look so much cheekier! Gosh, she didn't stop moving for one second! She jumped off chairs and sofas and tables, climbed up dining tables and scatter food all over the floor, bang her head on everything. The same lovely lady at the restaurant commented to me with a smile 'You must be very tired' while indicating to Mia. She even suggested once with a wink 'Maybe we can find her a long rope, then tie her to the chair...'

But while Adam was being unwell, I was glad that she was being herself..

After a while Adam recovered and started to enjoy himself...what a relief..

Did I mention how beautiful the beach was...? It reminded me of the beautiful waters of Terengganu islands. I am really looking forward to take my kids there when we go back..

Here we were at the jetty, enjoying the view. You can see through the water all the way around. Adam was looking through the cracks in the wood.

One of the days Adam asked to go on a boat. So we went. On the way we saw these beautiful cliffs with the odd goats climbing about. Subhanallah isn't it amazing? How do the goats live so high up there? One wrong foot forward and they would plunge deep down into the water and jagged rocks.

We arrived by the boat to this lovely beach - Formento Beach.

It has plenty of rocks and seaweed. Adam enjoyed himself immensely. I tried to restrain myself from telling him 'Dangerous! Don't climb up there!' but he balanced himself walking round the rocks better than I did. He went exploring, finding little pools and claiming them as his 'river house'. We went back on the boat with him kicking and screaming, not wanting to leave.

Another day we went to the local market in Alcudia Old Town. The market was very lovely, and located around this beautiful old fortress..

I finished this little cardigan for Mia while we were there. It was still unblocked but the yarn is so beautiful and lovely, it didn't matter. The pattern is by EZ and came so quick, I think it will be my go to baby cardigan from now on. Even in hot weather, the cardigan is lightweight and the open lace pattern pattern makes it quite an airy wear. It looks lovely over summer dresses on a breezy day.

Most of our days were spent like this - rolling about in the sand, or getting wet in the water. Such bliss! Alhamdulillah....

You will notice that the birthday boy, the photographer, isn't in any of the photographs...I do hope he enjoyed this birthday trip....


Lin Ghazale said...


Ernie Khairina said...

yeah cantik tempat ni. Happy bday daddy adam.
aida, you must like Tanjung Jara, Tganu. google la tengok.

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes indeed!

dah pernah survey that place nak pegi dulu, masa kat msia..

Anonymous said...

aida apa nama accomodation yg korang duduk kat mallorca ni? cantik..

k inda

Anonymous said...

ahhhh... beautiful beach. beautiful children.
And I truly agree with you on the Tganu part. :D


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