Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two sides of a coin

The past couple of days we have had two rather surprising news regarding our family's public exposure.

The first I consider a very rude awakening. I have always run this blog in a carefree manner, trusting of mutual respect and understanding. But this incident have made feel that perhaps I should've been more cautious. A friend (thank you dear!) alerted me to this parenting seminar, organised by UTM, which uses the picture of myself with my two children.

Four buntings already hung at UTM's main entrance

Two banners already hung inside UTM

Brochures about to be circulated

I called the organisers to enquire about this. Obviously I have no connection to this, and they have used the picture for their benefit without our consent. The graphic design team member that I spoke to first tried to deny it saying 'No we didn't do any posters...' and then proceeded to tell me that she has checked with UTM legal and there is no Akta saying that they cannot just pull pictures out of the internet. I told them I wasn't going to sue or anything, it just would've been nice if they has left me a message saying they would like to use this picture for this purpose. I mean, that's just common sense, isn't it? You are using pictures of children. The parents deserve to know what it'll be used for. In the end they apologised and sent me a formal apology letter afterwards to my email. I felt like it was too little too late, since they already hung huge banners and buntings with pictures of my children without my knowing.

I don't know why..I just find it so upsetting...afterall, they're using it for a good cause. If the they had approached me before they used the picture, I would've reacted very differently. I would've been very proud to help them and give consent for them to use it. Maybe I'd even promote it for them and encourage my friends to go.

They didn't give me chance to consider it, to look the picture over - was i appropriately dressed? Were my children? Were they in a compromising act? etc. They're using it for a parenting course. They should've known a parent's first instinct is to protect their children.

Anyway, at least they apologised....

The other incident that also happened in the past few days was very similar but my reaction was the opposite side of the coin. Another friend (thank you!) found a picture of Adam in the UK Sunday Times.

This picture was purchased by Sunday Times from a photography agency called Getty Images. Getty Images sells pictures on behalf of my husband (and loads of other people too). So my husband has in fact sold his first picture!(internationally!) Congratulations bang!


Emmachann said...


teruknya budak2 UTM tu.. kalau aku mesti dah sue. haha.

tp gambar Adam tu ok lah.. at least taufiq was paid for that photo. :)

hilmi said...

kaklong..imi paste entry ni kat fb

alia said...

salam k.aida...

im alia, your silent reader..Last 2 days, i saw this one advertisement on tv about woman (maybe for mother's day). Macam govt punye adv on 1 malaysia for excellent women. There's lots of pictures in the advertisement. Amongst the pictures are ur picture with ur husband and adam. (well, i was soo excited when i saw ur picture hehe) i think its the picture during raya. All of u are wearing red, and u and ur husband kissing adam's cheek. I tried to find the video if available in youtube. Tp xjumpe. Just to let u know. Do you know about it that they r using ur family's pic for advertisment?

tuty said...


I think you shud watermark ur pics.

UTM mmg la tak letak apa2 rules pasal amik gambar org, but those are your pics.

and congrats to your husband! :)

FaznFaz said...

obvious different kan, malaysia n uk??? kat malaysia nie, semua pun nak main rembat jer!!! at least bagi laaa credit!!!!

anyway, congrats to ur husband!!! u're going international babe!!!

hilmi said...

ade colleague kat mazda ckp..
takpayah sue nanti adam
nak masuk utm yuran free hehe

Aishah Megahasz said...

Since semua orang pun cerita pasal gambar Aida & family, Aishah pun nak bagitau berita NTV7 masa kerajaan keluarkan yang semua pekerja wanita boleh dapat cuti bersalin 3 bulan, keluar gambar Aida dan baby Amani masa berita tu dibacakan. Gambarnya ada dalam entry ni...yang 1st picture tu.

Moments to Remember said...

Aida, aku nampak gambar korang untuk banner UTM tu dalam blog "Dunia susu ibu". Dia promote aktiviti keibubapaan bulan mei. Mula2 macam excited tengok tapi lepas tu terpikir plak, diorang ni ade dapat permission ke sebab aku rasa macam tak je. Rupanya betul pun. Tak ade permission rupanya...

Ernie Khairina said...

well, tu lah. my sister pun gambar die dijadikan billboard! hee gambar adam comel tapi kat paper tu

Anonymous said...

salam aida..kite senasib..yg pakai baju GAP tu anak sy..xtau mcmane dorang leh amek untuk buat banner..coz kalau dorang ambil dari fb mmg tersangat low resolution la jika nak buat banner...emm sy tak tau nak buat cmne..mmg teruk sngat dorang ni!

-sam rais

Along said...

Nanti balik g jumpa agensi modelling. Kurang2 dpt payment bila muka featured kat mana2.

Eh serious ni tau. Alang2 masuk TV segala biorle berbaloi. Bukan senang nk jual muka anak2 FOC tau!

Anonymous said...


Gambar yang satu lagi ialah gambar keluarga Sam Rais yg saya pernah ambil. Gambar asal di sini ->

Sangat sangat memalukan. UTM, institusi pengajian tinggi awam yg sepatutnya melahirkan golongan graduan yang hebat, bijak dan cemerlang, tapi melahirkan golongan PEROMPAK. Merompak idea dan hasil orang lain.

Zizei Azli

Anonymous said...

wlupun u upset tp klu tgk dr positive side, ramai org tertarik pada hasil kerja ur hubby. satu pengikhtirafan. cmne pun mmg tak patut la tak minta izin n tak bg credit pd owner of the pics. takpe aida every single thing is counts.

ummi sa'eed said...

takpe....the posters/buntings look nice :)

can start a modeling portfolio for Adam! hehe

Anonymous said...

sue aje! jgn bg muka...yg kat tv tu lagi la..dia dpt untung,tapi taknak keluar cost.


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