Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kids at Newpin

Just some random recent pictures of the children at our favourite children center..

Mia kissing a doll. Weird that she hardly play with her own dolls at home but here she's all loving with the dolls..

making friends..

Adam loves painting. I'd love to set up a painting space like this for them one day.

Adam tending to his 'garden'. He got quite upset when his sister stomped all over the plants and picked out flowers.

cycling together.

Mia's famous muka cebik finally caught on camera. Always makes this face when she doesn't get what she wants. Cheeky!

I am so grateful for this place. It has been a constant source of fun, play, learning and sanctuary for us. Alhamdulillah...


Fathinz the wedding planner said...

haha comel muke mia. macam mommy jee.. yg cycle tu paling best. belah mia takde pedal pun. so cute. mmg for siblings to share kan..

tuty said...

cutenyaa Mia cebik! Girls mmg comel kalau cebik.. Hehehhehe

aidafiqs adamia said...

kak fathin,
muka mommy ke? yay...hehe. bicycle tu mmg passenger seat takde kayuh..adam suka buat mcm main taxi..

boys? tak comel?hehe


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