Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wild swimming season is back!

Well, not quite, it was still chilly when we went there..but good enough..

I chose another location out of the Wild Swimming book, a river an hour and a half from our house..from the car park to the river there was a bit of a walk through the lovely countryside..about 30 mins with kids..Adam had fun running through the meadows..

This is the location. Beautiful river in unspoilt surroundings. This spot is the location for the first dinosaur fossils found, so rumour has it if you dig around you might get lucky too..

Mia made herself at home at once..

Adam soon got in the water looking for fish..

Perfect spot for a picnic. There was not a lot of people around. There was another family fishing..then there were some walkers passing by on their walks..

The river was shallow, lovely for paddling with children..

Later it started to rain slightly..typical British weather..sigh..(made me think of the recent Family Day by the river in Malaysia that we missed. Bestnye korang mandi...subhanallah Malaysia summer all year long..i'm looking forward to wild swimming adventures in Malaysia when we go home...)

so we packed up and went to Coldwold's Wildlife, a zoo.

Rhinos and zebras grazing on open fields..

Adam held a hawk with no hint of fear whatsoever..

These chicks travelled a long way..kind of like us :)

This last picture is at Millet Farm Center, another trip we went to the same weekend. Fruit picking and farm animals...loads of fun there..more story and pictures on my husband's photoblog here.

Here's to soaking the most out of the lovely warm weather...(however brief it may be...)


Fathinz the wedding planner said...

bestnyeee.. ayam serama pun ada..

TRIPLETS plus ONE said...

i would love to bring my kids to the river (here in malaysia i mean) tp i find that rivers that i know mostly full of rocks...not a good idea for my active yet clumsy daughter.
do u have suggestion where i can bring them?

Hada Masayu said...

"Bestnye korang mandi...subhanallah Malaysia summer all year long"...bunyinya spt merindui m'sia, hehe...we miss u too aida... :)


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