Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New word

Recently Adam has created a new word.


Or it's full version ' Spabok Toxes' (sorry i don't know the right spelling. Maybe i should ask him)

It is used as....a swear word! sort of.

Whenever he is a moment of frustration, he shouts out 'Toxes!' outloud. If Mia is extra cheeky she might get a whole 'Spabok toxes!'

To be honest we don't really know how to react to part of me is thinking maybe I should stop it...because he is swearing..but, he isn't really swearing, is he?

Another part of me, just think that it sounds irresistibly funny. Seriously. My husband and I can barely stop ourselves from laughing everytime he said it. You have to hear it to believe it. Plus it seemed to release the negative energy and he sometimes laugh after. Don't make the mistake of saying it to him though because he will get very offended :)


ida ahmad said...

alahai adam.. apsal la cute sangat..

MK said...

my God..i wonder what it means!

adrianathani said...

OMG...I just shared this with my mom and we both have tears in our eyes from laughing so hard! I figure all kids need their own way of coping with frustration, and Spabok Toxes does not sound at all offensive, so more power to him! ;D

MK said...

have u figured out what it is?


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