Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The scooter

Yesterday at the playground...

Adam was playing with his new scooter. An outspoken kid about Adam's age approached him several times, attempting to borrow his scooter. Adam was reluctant, this scooter is new and it was his chance to play with it now that we're out of the house. Eventually he let the boy borrow the scooter, and then sat down, waiting for the boy to finish.

The boy swirled around aggressively for a long while, showing no signs of returning the scooter. Adam was still sitting on the same spot, waiting, now looking forlorn and quite sad. Mia was watching this and immediately her mouth turned into that cute cebik that she does when she's upset, and started complaining 'OOOhh!! Aaaagh'. Clearly she didn't like that this boy was taking his brother's scooter. I said to Adam 'You can ask for your scooter back, if you want to'. He said ' Mommy pandai...mommy ask please...' He refused to say a word to the boy. I said ' You can say "Can I have a turn now?" or "Can I have my scooter back please?". It's OK to ask him, Adam...'. He said 'No....Mommy ask please...' now looking even more sad.

I kept quiet, curious to see how this turn out. Eventually the boy got distracted left the scooter by the slide and Adam quickly grabbed it.

Some time later, Mia was riding the scooter and Daddy was pushing her around. The boy came, asking to play with the scooter. Mia quickly replied ' NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOO'. And scootered away, without a care. The boy persistently ask again and again. At one point he came close and tried to take the scooter. Mia was clearly unimpressed by this behaviour, and just grabbed the scooter back and pulled it away from him.

Me and hubby was just watching all of this, open-mouthed.

Adam saw and came over. We told him 'Mia jaga scooter Adam la Dam....'. He replied 'Thanks Mia!'

Then it hit me that one of them has my trait and the other one has my husband's. Opposite to each other. Can you guess which is which? :)


Nurain Kamal said...

awww mia is sooo sweet!

i love to see how loving these two kids are..

hilmi zulkifli said...

mia no no no tu mcm klong?heh

Anonymous said...

Mcm da besar pulak Mia.. Pandainye,

Unknown said...

ok, aku tau dah which is which..heheh. but both is good and needed each other right? ;p

mommyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

adam has ur trait while mia has the dad's?

just a random guess ;)

AzFiqs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you..i consider myself very lucky to watch them everyday..


itu yg kitorg ternganga tgk mia :)

you are one wise woman..

yes :

aidafiqs adamia said...

munirah, sorry2 not yes. hehe.


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