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Friday, August 8, 2008


i found a Malaysian Babywearing community! At last! Seems to be new but it's amazing! they even sell the Kozy Mei tai...

Go on there and join...they have a gathering in KL on the 16th of August...huhu

click here

(hey i'm not paid for the promo ok..i'm just overexcited...hehe)

look at these photos of simple ethnic babywearing. i'm so moved by all the photos, beautiful. In Malaysia people have this perception that babywearing is more of a "low-class" activity. mcm bibik2 je yg pakai. truth is these "low-class" people have much more wisdom when it comes to attachment parenting...the mother child bonding is so apparent in these photos...oh...


Anonymous said...

ohoh...interesting...nampak mcm for mei tai wearers saje?

aidafiqs adamia said...

mama shmontel,

no, not just MT wearers. All kinds of babywearing..

Emma said...

teringin gak nak babywearing.. cuma takut ryan x selesa je..

sudahnya, i just buat temp babywearing from shawl je... hu hu....

ala, sama la jugak dgn bf... i rasa rata2 org akan kata bf nie 'low-class'.. hu hu

-mama emma-

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

aida...u pegi the gathering pastu 'show off' ur own handmade mei tang pastu start amiq orders sape nk beli...hihihi

pastu dpt lar u jd SAHM, cool kn!

btw, bile nk dtg umah? =)

Anonymous said...

i want to buy your MT if you decide to sell. ;)

aidafiqs adamia said...

mama emma,
creative la you buat sling pakai shawl je =)

ok juga kan? hehe...huuu i'd LOVE to be SAHM...hehe

eh..but you already have a mei tai that you made right? btw..jomla join that community..put up pics of your mei tai as well k?

Anonymous said...

hi mommyadam!

teruja nak try baby wearing ni when reading ur entry on this..

haritu belajar from my pakcik's bibik, guna kain batik lepas, time bibik ajar ok but bila buat sendiri x jadik..huhu

I ada order LoftSling from The Baby Loft semalam.. x sabar nk try..if it came in time, bole la join gathering tu..hikhik..berangan je I ni~ :P

aidafiqs adamia said...

mama shazzy,
i'm SOO happy you decide to try! hope u'll catch the babywearing bug!


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