Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We have just moved!

We’ve moved! I don’t have access to any internet just yet so I’ll write my entries and hopefully hubby can update my blog for me..hehe..tq bang…

We moved in Wednesday afternoon. I was ecstatic when we heard from the agent J

The house is just as beautiful as I remember it!

Our living room

Adam was happy to pause his exploration to pose for me

Here’s our dining area. You can see Adam in the corner exploring the little closet.

Adam was all over the house running here and there..


Alhamdulillah..this sure feels like home…


Emmachann said...


sure it does feel like home! Cozy giler and clean. Perfect for a family.. Still remember the condition of our apt/flet in Sepil?? haha..

Bolehlah datang visit nanti.. :p

MN said...

happy moving :)
chomel adam..penat sgt la tuh explore rumah!

Anonymous said...

hey Aida,
you know whr to find Adam if he's missing..the corner closet, it's the perfect place 4 him to play hide-and-seek =)
Enjoy ur new home! So pwetty!!

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

best nye aida!! cantik sangat..made me wanna come and visit y'all sooner than u think!

Anonymous said...

yeah!! looks perfect for u guys!
Have fun in your new place that u can call home!!

shuzana said...

cantek nyer..shu plak still house hunting..dh 3 weeks dok hotel by tis week dh masuk rumah kot..insyallah..

Anonymous said...

adam comel! rumah nmpk cozy sgt.. it looks perfect walaupun dlm gambar je.. :) glad you had find a home.

Ernie Khairina said...

Perfect! rasa nak terbang je ke sana..take care, comelnye adam ! nak update pasal adam pula..hehe

@nannoor said...

yup, looks so cozy and warmth.
best nye. mesti u enjoy jd SAHM

Mamamarina said...

waaaaaaaaa.. clean and simple and cozy and... bestnyer.. Adam enjoy gile ek?

Mrs. Syakir said...

hye kak aida,
nice home~!
hope everything went fine.

Anonymous said...

salam kenal..

rumah cantik la..very cozy..

eyna said...

nice house!! :)

ellyWong said...

bestnyer aida! ni, pls add me in your ym plsss.. elynyer id elymiowmiow ;)

Anonymous said...

woo, bestnya rumah dadam. super duper marvelouslaahh!!! minta alamat, nk tumpang bermalam boleh? nyeh nyeh..bila thn nk sampai sana tah.

Anonymous said...

ei aida. muiz told me about you in London. I'll be there for business next week. Boleh saya bawa anda sekeluarga utk dinner?

It would be a way for me to say thanks for you helping my ex-gf (yes.. ex.. haha) with her internship haritu. Dunno how else to reach you. Email me aight?

Kem Lambaian Danau said...

hi adam,

ni aunty nana, kat kem ni, comel nyer adam. rindu tau.

kem salam kat mommy dan daddy ok.

aunty nana


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