Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wild Swimming

I've been craving for a swim at a river or a lake for the longest time. I bought this awesome book - Wild Swimming. I need to do a review of this book in a separate entry. Well after reading that book, we chose a place to go last weekend. It's about 1.5 hours drive from our house.

Isn't is just gorgeous? It's a small river, with crystal clear water.

It's right by the side of this English Heritage ruins. .

I told you there'll be mother-daughter matchy-matchy this weekend. My top is a tunic length shirt dress. Love that fabric, so drapey and flowy..

It was secluded, a hidden gem...if you google the place, there's no mention of any swimming in this river...

A lot of kids climbed on this rope and swing, but only my husband actually dove in the water. Cool! oh wait, one guy fell of and hit the side and then dropped in the water in all his clothes..hehe..that was quite funny..

The water is ice cold! But it's really wonderful to be in the cold water...i felt so connected to nature...We were so surprised that Mia actually wanted to get in there. Normally she would scream her lungs out...but I guess she got really curious and excited seeing me in the water with Adam and he practically tried to jump out of my husband's hands to get in the water..

This river is popular for fishing crayfish. It looks like crab mix with lobster. Adam panggil crab...dia suka sgt...

Adam 'swimming' sampai biru2 mulut dia..

Great family time! more summer seizing next weekend hopefully...


hilmi said...

waaa..jumpe gak tpt mandi..gambar adam sorg tu nampak adam dah besar

Unknown said...

wahh..nice place,nice pic! dpt gak ko melepaskan gian mandi sungai ek dot.. nanti blk kite pi picnic same nak? ;p

Melina said...

Looks like fun! Nigel and my girls would definitely like that place. They love water. Where is it? And loving the matchy-matchy. Definitely need more matchy-matchy outfits.


Hada Masayu said...

tmpt tu very nature friendly...i loike!! :)

Pieja said...

love watching your family..hoping to have such a wonderful family too...

aidafiqs adamia said...

tulah best giler jumpa gak..adam mmg dah besar..tak nampak baby dah..


it's at minster lovell. the ruins is minster lovell hall..

msia byk tempat2 camni kan...and it's always hot enough to swim..i miss sungai gabai..

cik salmah,
thank you...

Marjan Jeffry said...

Nice place and I bet you guys have a lot of fun.

Zaila Mohamad said...

happy family;)

nice place for a picnic & suka tengok Adam, happy je dapat main air..Mia pon dah besar nanti mesti suka main air juga ni;)


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