Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The first time Adam I heard used the word 'amirals' was in a pretend play. I was unpacking one of my circular knitting needles and he took a look and said 'Mommy, amirals. Snake! sssssssss (bunyi snake)'. And then he took the needle and packaging and started playing snake. I could understand how a circular needle can become snake (it is long and narrow) ..but...what's amirals? I asked him and he tried to explain 'snakes Mommy...amirals!amirals!'

So for the next couple of weeks I occasionally hear the word popped up now and then. And everytime I would guess the meaning - emeralds? mirrors? nothing was right.

Last weekend we went to stay at a farm with my mom. The farm had farm animals - chicks, ducks, goats. The word 'amirals' popped up a lot more. I told my husband 'I think the word had something to do with animals'. He ventured a few guesses as well. Adam said no no no.....

The farm had a sign that says 'Free range children and animals'. Finally it hit me. Can you guess what it is?



*i love all the mispronounce words...soon enough he will grow out of it...but i will enjoy every word as much as i can now...


Anonymous said...

Very true..comel je.

My son kept saying Ben Aden these couple of days (which I thought he was pronouncing Ben Nathan - which made me pelik how on on earth dia tahu Ben Nathan)..and later we found out that it's actually Ben Tennyson (Ben 10's full name). Haihh...too much Ben 10 on tv!

Ernie Khairina said...

cute la adam!

the last time i heard was aminal, or helian (for alien)

Mamamarina said...

cheeky boy laa Adam nih.. Iffah and Ariff plak balik skolah bile tny maen ape.. maen palestin.. heh plastesin laa tuh.. and one time aku mane tgh surfing internet kat umah.. Izzah yg kecik keep on ckp "mama. nk bichi cong" ade la 2-3 hari baru tau die mintak bukak ABC song kat youtube..

tggu si Mia plak camne kan

Unknown said...

nyumilll ok...

tak sbr tgg muizz pandai mispronounce words.. ;)

nanin said...

yes.. enjoying my time listening to maryam punye bahasa pelat jugak, especially this one

wanpik.. wanpik --> wonderpets.. wonderpets

aidafiqs adamia said...

siap tau full name! hehe

sape yg ckp helian tu?

pandainye izzah ckp...

chun, will enjoy it..

hahahahaha...cutenye...and lawak jugak...hehe


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