Saturday, January 15, 2011

For the love of Cath Kidston...


Yes, I am a self-proclaimed Cath Kidston fan. I browse her website just for eye candy. I long for a studio just like the ones in her store. Now can you tell why I would be so ecstatic such gorgeous goodies for my pre-birthday present? He knows me too well.

This was not my first pre-birthday present. He already got me the coolest phone ever. Apparently there is also another present on the way. Aaaand, he asked me to packed our bags tonight, because tomorrow we are going to a secret location for me and Mia's birthday trip!

This is turning out to be the best birthday ever....and it's not even my birthday yet...

Thank you sweetheart...I love love love the presents!!! and i love you even more!!

Tonight I am working on Mia's birthday banner...


All Cath Kidston fabric, of course...I will have finished photos when we hang it up....

Hopefully we will have internet connection where we're going..but if not, full update when we get back!!


yumyum said...

salam aida,
its been a while huh :) ayra just undergone a surgery so life here has been a bit hectic :P

anyways, i remember seeing cath kidston stuffs here n there around ur house. they're soo lovely arent they? (but pricey! ) too bad i didnt buy any when we were there tho , sobs
but luckily i finally got myself a makeup bag when we return in japan at a bargain!. haha kat japan pun boom jugak rupanya. its just that the stuffs are a bit limited compared to london .

btw ayras bday is coming up too, you made me itching to start sewing again! cant wait for mia big day!

miss you guys so much, much love n kisses to adamia :D

Ernie Khairina said...

if i have a baby girl, I swear i'll be having those banner too!

lucky you. everybody's waiting for your pic for sure!

Unknown said...


Happy birthday to u and mia! can't wait to see ur pics :)

Ernie Khairina said...


saltvinegar said...

i love cath kidston too! Counterfeits are everywhere in Malaysia!


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