Monday, January 24, 2011

Andalucia, Day 2 (my birthday)

The climb up to Al-Hambra was rather interesting, to say the least. We somehow ended up on the walking track (no driving) up the hill towards Al-Hambra. I was out of breath most of the climb but I was actually glad we walked up...the walking path was actually beautiful. Running along the side was this lovely little river, which I later learnt was the River Darro. Inside Al-Hambra were also plenty of fountains, reflecting pools and Royal water passes and you can hear the sounds of the water all around. It turned out these water features of Al-Hambra was the highlight of the trip for Adam.

This is the side of the Palace of Charles V.

And this is the inside. This palace and some of the Christian buildings were built in the 16th century, after the christians rulers took over.

But for us the main attraction was the Islamic architecture in the Nasrid Palaces, built in the 13th century. I had never seen anything like it. There are so many photos, I wish I could put it all up to show you just how beautiful this place is..

Breastfeeding in Al-Hambra. Too weird ? hehe. She doesn't care. This girl has breastfed ALL OVER the WORLD, literally. Now focus your attention on the beautiful walls. This is just a tiny, hidden little corner of the Nasrid Palaces. Now imagine all of that beauty and more, all over the place, up the wall and ceilings.

Some of the intricate details on the walls. Subhanallah, isn't it brilliant?Everything must've been sculpted by hand.

The view over the Court of the Lions. The Fountain of the Lions at the moment is under restoration work. The lions have been carefully removed because they have been deteriorating from water from the fountain and the fact that it is exposed.

The lions can be viewed here in this building. Sorry Ernie no photos of the lions because it's on special exhibition and they don't allow any photography in there..apparently since the restoration work they've discovered new things about the lion - for example they have slight differences in the details and they've been made in pairs i.e. pair of similar ones.

Can you believe the view from up there? When Mia saw the view she went 'Wow!'. Seriously.

Adam kept checking out where the water was flowing, the water channels, stopped to listen to the sound of the water, looking out for the fish in the reflection pools etc...He was the Hydraulic Engineer for the day..

Al-Hambra was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

That night we had dinner at the same restaurant as yesterday. Food there was really delicious and the owners are this wonderful couple. We had some yummy local spanish food for my birthday dinner. Seafood is quite reasonably priced here, and very fresh. The owners suggested another very local dish - paella, for our dinner the next day and we agreed and couldn't wait to taste it.

I had the best birthday I could ever wish for. We retired to the hotel room, ready to rest when I discovered another birthday surprise waiting for me.

From the most romantic man I ever met.

I am very lucky, indeed. Alhamdulillah...

p/s: I have no idea why my text is coming out underlined and I can't seem to fix it. oh well. hope it's not distracting you too much.


Ernie Khairina said...

the view is just what i've imagined..tunggu aku datang je cheh..

tq aida, at least i've received a reply sms from granada!

now, you know how pathethic i am. lol

p/s baru tengok gambar deco bday Mia. I think Mia dah menjurus muke ko la =)

Aishah Nur Hakim said...

Al Hambra!
how i wish i've been there.

breathtaking it is!

Mamamarina said...

Happy for you, babe!! Alhamdulilllah..

Unknown said...

cantiknye! i wish i can go there someday..and mia has breastfed all over the world? nice! :D

MK said...

gosh aida..i'd love to hate you! you're so lucky (and so does your family ;)).

Hada Masayu said...

Islamic!!!this is very a HISTORIC place..ajad mesti suka gila tempat nih, hehe..Aida mcm biasala, kalo ko dah start bercerita tu, AND yr writing tu HEBAT sangatla Aida, sampaikan semua org terINFLUENCE jugak utk pegi tempat mana2 jela yg ko pegi, hehe, termasukla aku...
1 more thing Aida if u dont mind i'm asking, view from alhambra tu, langit dia memang biru ke ATAU taufiq ada letak effect? cantik sangat colour dia, and bila reflect dgn the whole view, wow!!!byk sgt tempat yg cantik dlm dunia ni..SUBHANALLAH..HEBAT ALLAH

aidafiqs adamia said...

mmg lawa2 la view kat sini berbukit2..ala not pathetic at's your dream! yay yeke mia dah muka aku..hehe

yes indeed..

thank you dear..

tulah..dlm bas,dlm boat,dlm sungai,tepi laut..tak kirelah..hehe

alah jgnla hate me :)

no langit tu mmg cantik mcm tu! subhanallah...amazing kan...

ummi said...

just like my imagination...subhanallah..cantiknyaaa....nk pigiii

mirah said...

wah cantiknya alhambra tu..
Happy belated birthday aida.. :)

Zaila Mohamad said...

hope it's not too late to wish you happy belated birthday..bertuahnya you Aida!!

subhanallah..cantiknya view..xterucap dengan kata2

zurahimi muslim said...

Cantik sgt. Mmg dlm list nak pergi ni kalau ada rezeki. Btw, makanan pon nampak bes. Heh. Hotel and restoren tu nama ape?

missbehave said...

salam dear
stumbled upon ur blog, n i must say yesss indeed alhambra is one of the most finest acrhitecture living there...sgt sgt suke generalife gardens....sgt cantek subhanallah rase mcm taman syurga dunia...
looking back at ur pictures nihhh reallly mengingatkan kembali my jalan2 andalucia during last year spring
spain r just sooooooooo beautiful, cheerful color n luvly wheather ;p
i'm sure u enjoyed spain as much as i missed them


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