Sunday, April 5, 2009

Adam @ 18 months

He weighs 9 kg. finally naik jugak sikiiit his weight..

He responds to familiar instructions;
“Funny face!” = scrunch up face. I think I’ve put up a pic before
“cute face!” = pursed lips. Oh this is cute but I don’t have a pic
“fingers” = wag fingers
“tongue!” = stick tongue out and move around
“eyes!” = open and shut mouth (?) well this is a funny one. We taught him this one by raising our eyebrows and every time he tries to copy he ends up moving his mouth instead of his eyes.
“turn” = turn and spin around. Throw a “funny face” while he’s turning and you get a spinning clown.
“Lap, lap” = go find fabric scrap and start wiping
“nose” = point to nose. This one I just taught him this morning.
I find that if I teach him one at a time and make elaborate celebration everytime he does one right he can easily remember them.

He remembers his “school” (Portman). I only realised this last week. It was Wednesday so Portman Centre was close, so we went to Newpin instead (another children Centre). After Newpin we went to visit Elizabeth’s house. On our way to her house we went pass Portman and Adam started crying and pointing to the Portman building. I thought it was just a coincidence but on our way back again he cried and tried to struggle out of the carrier to get to ‘school’.

Adam and Elizabeth has become good friends, sort of. We have playdates at either her house or our house from time to time. When they’re playing they’ll always fight for toys and kejar2 each other nak cari gadoh…but later when it’s time to go home both of them will cry. Everyday after our daily morning toddler group sessions at the children centres Elizabeth will say to Adam “Mama Po!” (mom carry you) and then take my hand and say “Acai! Acai!” (meaning Go Together! in Chinese).

He’s very friendly to strangers. It started around 17 months I think. Suka tepuk2 org dlm bas…wave to anyone..Last week he approached a girl at the park and started to hug her, check out her purse, rip out the hole in her jeans and pulled at her necklace. He was behaving really well though so I wasn’t embarrassed. But I did apologise anyway and the girl said, it’s ok I love it! Hehe..pandai2 je adam ni pick up girls at the park…

Happy 18th month birthday Adam! Love you!


Ernie Khairina said...

best la aida :D
adam cepat2 pandai baca, nanti leh baca blog mommy

Unknown said...

Cute sgt adam dlm pic ni! suke suke!! rase nak cubit2 pipi die kuat2!

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

total cuteness!
adam, auntie nk gi visit adam lah

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

oh br notice..adam and my uZAir weighs the same, 9kg =)
Adam, 18months...uZAir lak 8 months..hihi

rOse said...

nice photo and good to let the kids to explore. jgn halang2 and marah. let them do wat they want. mcm main air semua tu.. mcm kita ni sikit2 nk marah anak. tu takleh ni takleh. kesian diaorg. btw aida.. i ahev emailed sumting into yr yahoo address tau. i took frm yr the other selling blog tu. but not too sure u ade check tak.


aidafiqs adamia said...

tanak2..biar dia baby lama2 sket.hehe

bila nak letup ni...

bila2?'s the perfect time.perfect wheather, not too cold, not too warm. beautiful flowers..pls come!alamak adam sama berat je ngan uzair ek..cenonet sgt adam..

yeah, good to let him explore. the less i say No to him, the more he listens when i do say No to important things..btw, no i don't check that email anymore.could you email me at instead?

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

teringin nk gi tp we need one adult to one infant. so i need 3 adults in order to fly there...

aidafiqs adamia said...

alamak cian u munirah..bawakla ur mom n hubby...hehe..


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