Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Venice

Little Venice is located about 10 mins walk from from our house. In spring, this place is just lovely..

Here it is - isn;t it gorgeous? it's where the canals meet. there are a lot of boathouses mooring around..and it's also home to many noisy ducks. Adam loves them..

this is the park where we go when it's sunny. it's just on the bank of little venice. you can see the canal just at the background..

this week we found out about the boat rides. seems that they go to London Zoo from here on boats..i'm looking forward to take Adam there.
we're so lucky to live here alhamdulillah..any readers living in london?don't forget to visit this lovely area're welcomed for tea at my house :)


~Mommy ZuE~ said...

cantekknyeeee tmpt ni aida! hehe..err, can i drop by for tea too if i come to london? ;p

Ernie Khairina said...

yes,nak tgk adam pegi london zoo pula.. :P
update ok.. aku ni dah mcm stalker ko aida..haha

Zaila Mohamad said...

owh..nice place..bilerlah dapat g London ni??

aidafiqs adamia said...

mrs N,
yes, pls do!

yes! will update soon..

jom la dtg...

Emma said...

lawanya this place... isk... dlm mimpi je la i leh p situ...

mei tai yg u pakai tu yg u beli kat bootcar sale hari tu ke?

-mama emma-

syaz said...

I couldn't work my Chococabana OMT with Ari lah..
It just doesn't work (yet..).
I even feel uncomfortable sometimes wering in the OMT.
Wrapping seems much easier..

Do you ever feel any discomfort wearing that Ulli MT?

I rasa I tak pandai pakai MT lagi lah..

hilmi said...

wow..kalo summer bleh swim tak kat little venice ni?nice kalo bleh terjun..naked..heh

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes..thats the mei tai i bought at the carboot..

what's chococabana? no the ulli omt is always comfortable, even when i tie it really cincai. but then again i'm used to using MTs. maybe u just need practise?

taktau la ek...tunggu summer tgk ade tak org skindipping..hehe

Emma said...

thanx for correcting my english.. hehe.. agak2 kalau ada lg mei tai kat carboot sale tu, leh mintak u belikan x? hehe..

-mama emma-

MN said...

aidaaaaaaaaa!!! canteknya gambar.
ni guna lens apa nih?

aidafiqs adamia said...

oh no sorry, i didn't even noticed you wrote 'bootcar' i automatically read it as 'carboot'!

mrs noba,
alamak..sorry i don't know husband yg dok tangkap..hehe..


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