Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Harness

Dare i ask...

what do you guys think about this gadget? I suspect a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this...hehe..

this particular harness also works as a backpack. we put Adam's drink bottle, a diaper or toy inside. Adam loves to put it on, makes him feel like a big guy, like daddy.

I had my doubts about it too..but soon after Adam started getting mobile i knew i would eventually need it. I want him to be able to explore things freely - he loves being on his feet, chasing after dogs or birds. sometimes he pretends he's catching a bus. sometimes he wants to say hello to people on the street. At the same time i want to protect him too. He can be really quick for a tiny person..

so far this little gadget has been working out great. sure, a 10 minutes trip to the store would take an hour :) but that's ok..


Anonymous said...

my mom used to have this for my adik lelaki dulu, mmg sgt perlu! hehe. being protective yet allowing him to explore things around, nice~ aina

@nannoor said...

I pun ada niat nak beli harness ni. becoz tasneem pun nowadays asyik nak lari je. x larat laaa nak kejar dia esp kalau kat mall yg sesak. silap2 org langgar anak kita.
I dont think its cruel, tapi maybe kt msia ni the concept x bape glamer, esp to the veterans.

prism-ness said...

ahaha.. agak lawak tp cute and safe at the same time.. tp kan.. itu satu keperluan so.. tak pe la.. mesti adam gelak je bila tgk gmbr tu nt.. (i've been following your blog which I found thru ernie's)

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

adam sporty la...cute!

Hanim said...

i've been using it if i'm out alone with LO. if with daddy, he'd rather not use it coz he;s willing to chase after her :p

don't think it's weird, saw a lot of it being used when i was in Dublin. how about in London?

hilmi said...

gamba ni muke adam mcm
faeiz la mase kecik2

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

i really dont hv anything againts it. better save than sorry aight!
n yah, i totally understand when u said a supposedly to be 10mins ended up being 1 hour, or even more! hihi

and Adam, really do look like a big boy.

ummi sa'eed said...

i have one for sa'eed too! mmg lah mata mata akan memandang. but with 2 kids in tow dan sa'eed suka berlari2, maka that's the best option.

kalau my hubby gi masjid bawak sa'eed pun dia pakai the harness. haha...

along said...

ada one fren of mine said dia tak sanggup pakaikan kat anak dia sebab nampak macam hanjeng.

i said it's better than later if anything happen, either your child dapat layanan macam hanjeng or you cry out like hanjeng.


Mamamarina said...

babe.. frankly speaking im not against that baby harness thingy.. agreed with you to let ur kid exploring..investigating.. experiencing a real things.. heh.. Adam... hes such a big boy now huh..

Ernie Khairina said...

suke je!best~

aidafiqs adamia said...

good to know!thanks!

no i don't think it's cruel at all. but it won't be a popular choice..


no it's not wierd at all here.most kids Adam's age are either in a buggy or wearing a harness..

a'ahla..dia mmg muka mcm faeiz..mama ckp rambut dia pun halus mcm rambut faiez masa kecik2 (tapi bila besar jadi keras...hehe)

yup true, better safe than sorry. bagus actually sejam pun jalan..cos he'll wear out his extra energy by the time we get back..senang nak tido..hehe

ummi saeed,
good! ade geng! hubby u take saeed to masjid?great!does he behave there?

i don't look at it as 'layanan mcm hanjeng'. lebih baik dr i tak sempat kejar dia lari onto a speeding bus :)

betul. i'd like him to explore real things..but not by compromising his safety..

thank you!

ummi sa'eed said...

memula dulu behave lah jugak sbb tak kenal tempat. now dia takkan duduk diam and akan berlari2...hence the harness..eheh

auni said...

Aida, i was in UK last week seminggu. Ingat nak jumpa u tapi taktau pun camane nak kontek.Masa u kat king cross tu kitorang pun ada dekat2 situ actually! Tapi tak terjumpa lah pulak kan?


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