Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sewing Class

Oh, I'm awfully dissapointed..

I've been fantasizing about taking this course. It's titled "Introduction to Clothes-Making". They hold it at this Centre near our house. The centre has a Creche facility for the children, which means that i could leave Adam in their care (for free!) while i'm taking a class. I talked to the tutor over the phone, she said for the first day i can't use the Creche yet, until i'm enrolled. So yesterday my husband took a few hours off to look after Adam. i was so excited..

See the classroom? it looked like Project Runway with the huge cutting tables, dressmakers and wonderful old Bernina machines. Then the tutor started explaining about the course...

apparently i'm in the wrong course! the title is "ABC in Creative Skills". And the project is to make a collection of bags! Yes, i could also take this course, if would be lovely to learn new things about bag-making and to be able to work on those great heavy Berninas. But, this course costs a lot - 300 pounds for 3 months (one day a week classes)! considering the fact that i don't earn any more money...sigh..i'd hate to spend so much of my husband's money on this..hardly seems worth it, i've already made bags...Plus she said the class that i wanted isn't available until next september :(
What was Adam doing while i was in class?

taking a stroll along the canal. The centre is located in a very beautiful area right next to the canal...
in the end, i left after an hour. I guess this class isn't for me. Oh i'm so upset..
I know this may sound awful felt kind of nice being away from adam for an hour. Oh he's a delight to be with of course, it's just that it felt good to have some me-time yesterday.. sigh.. thank you Daddy for babysitting..


Ernie Khairina said...

aida, next time babe.
tapi aku juga teruja tengok patung2 project runway tuh..

Pial Khadilla Abdullah said...

Hey Aida,sorry bout your class. But you're not being awful at all. I've got classes in London almost once a week and I truly look forward to it cuz I get to have the ME time and it DOES feel nice.

aidafiqs adamia said...

hope there will be other classes..

really?good to know i'm not alone :)

syaz said...

I also want some me-time..
But.. till today.. tak pernah dpt any me-time lagi.. haha :P
poor me.. :(

aidafiqs adamia said...

i'm beginning to feel urgent need for some me-time or else i might be going mad..


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