Saturday, April 11, 2009

It must be my lucky day

We went to the carboot as usual today. The weather is really gloomy and raining a little, plus it's Easter Hols so the bootsale is only half full, not as many stalls as usual. we were dissapointed, but since we were already there, might as well go in.

As it turns out, this is the day i get to find real hidden gems...

First i found this copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows for 2.50 pounds. What a bargain! the book is in brand-new conditions..awesome..

Then just before we went home (didn't buy anything else) i saw these gorgous colours that looked really familiar......oh..

Me : *couldn't believe my eyes* this is a carrier, right?
Lady seller : i don't know, you tell me.
Me: How much is it? *holding my breath*
Lady seller: *shrugged, couldn't care less* 50p? (not 50 pounds, 50 pence!!!!!)
Me: *stopped breathing* *take out coins and pay her*

i practically ran out of there, feeling as though i literally stole an expensive wrap! (which i did!)

It is a Storchenwiege Ulli wrap, converted into a Mei Tai. Storch wraps are really expensive (around 119 USD each), and the convert job costs a lot too, since it takes a lot of gut and plenty of sewing talent to cut into these expensive wraps. One of these babies could easily have costed 200 USD or more..oh God..i suppose a fellow babywearer would know what i mean..

the sewing is absolutely excellent. The fabric is heavenly soft and all broken in. and the colour?definitely MY cOLOUR! i've been eyeing Storch Ulli on FSOT for a while (and also Maruyama in almost similar colours) but they are too expensive for me since i'm not earning any money nowadays..i just can't believe i found it SO CHEAP!!!Next to NOTHING!...not to mention converted into my favourite carrier - mei tai! Like, it was thrown there for ME to find!!! OMG, is it my birthday??

OMG..i'm still reeling in the after-effects. i hope i don't wake up to find it's just a dream.
the wrap-mei tai is now in the wash. can't wait to wear it soon..

Edited : I found one Ulli OMT (same as mine) on FSOT (For Sale of Trade forum where they sell used carriers) selling for 280USD!!!!


Emmachann said...


tak buat business mei tai lagi ke? :)
baru nak order dari ko hari tu..

Rayhana said...

even the book was more expensive than the MT! :p

Anonymous said...

aida dear,
canteklah high chair tuh.. beli kat mana ekk..
nak lah order mei tai satu.. huhuuuu sedih nih.
kezen kite nk balik msia early may nih..
boleh lah kirim kat dia heeee..
nani awk email akak yer..

Ernie Khairina said...

aida, i met our senior and she told me that her friend just bought your baby carrier..tak abih2 puji hasil keje tangan ko :)
pastuh aku pulak yg bangga, menokok tambah cite :P

adaho said...

u r one lucky lady...

aidafiqs adamia said...

ima, you're almost due huh?
aku lama dah tak buat..insyaAllah i'll think about it k. it would probably costs more though from here. would u still want to buy if it's a bit more expensive?

i know! and i already thought the book was a steal! i would've happily pay a lot more for that carrier (but don't tell the ignorant lady that..hehe)

kak fathin,
beli kat john lewis(department store). tak jual dah kak..lama tak buat dah. akak nak mei tai ke buckle tai? insyaAllah i think about it ok..

camne lak dia baru beli carrier aku?lama giler tak jual dah..tah2 org lain punya carrier tak..hehe

yes, alhamdulillah...

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

oh i luv going to carboot sale abroad. they really hv good bargain.
yg kt msia (the one kt stadium shah alam) sume mende cam category almost rosak or shall i say mmg dh rosak

mama shmontel said...

aida!! i want to stay at your area! bestnyaaaaa carbootsale ni!!!

P said...

I'm new at BW so please pardon my silly Q. Meaning u alter jahit sendiri ke that sling jadi MT? And how does the original Storchen Wiege works?Lilit2 caner ek?I confuse.

Ernie Khairina said...

your's with 'aidafiq' signature..dah beli lama la tuh kot..yg stripes

aidafiqs adamia said...

really?i tak penah pegi yg shah alam one..

any area in UK should have a local carboot..jom pindan uk jom..hehe

the original Storch is a wrap - meaning a long piece of fabric lilit2. check out their website. no i did not jahit sendiri the mei tai.some die-hard babywearing fans like to convert their wraps to mei tai,because apparently wrap fabric is woven specifically to carry babies so they are supportive as well as soft to the wearer - makes great mei tai. but not too many people do this, because the wrap itself is expensive. to have it altered to be a mei tai will cost a lot of money too. kene hantar tempah special to reputable wrap converters..(otherwise they risk losing their expensive wrap) thats why this storch OMT cost so much even second hand..

oh makes me miss selling mei tai now..

Unknown said...

aida..bestnye carrier tu!! totally cool! aku nak cari carrier gak nih..(since ko dah x jual dah kan :(
tapi x reti nak beli katne and ape yg bagus+selesa. any idea?

tuty said...

cantiknya curve MT tu. nnt post entry bila dah BW adam eh.. :D

syaz said...

Aidaaaa, pls pls scout for me..
kot2 ada org jual any wrap ke..
If it's a wrap.. they must think it is a lousy blanket.. yg so narrow.. and yet sooo longg.. hehe.
And sell them at 50p!!
(*Praying hardd)

P said...


Try bought 2 dah..sedap son sampai tertidur dlm tu.

Thx for the info!

Marsha~ said...

comelnyaaaaaaaa adam.. ape?? 50pence?? murah gilaaaaaaaaaaa itu carrier!!! hahahaha


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