Monday, April 13, 2009

Day Trip

We went to London King Cross, and to this platform...

and took the train...

and arrived at Hogwarts!, not nearly as exciting as that..

we went to Cambridge! It's so beautiful there! rase mcm walking around inside a magical painting...

Cambridge is popular for Punting - like a sampan, moved by using a long pole pushing the bottom of the river..

Adam on our punt tour. sempat bermesra dgn strangers. If you notice in the background our tour guide pegang the long pole and moving the punt with it..

by the riverbank. Adam ralit tgk ducks..

Sporting Daddy pun try out the Storch OMT. he also thinks it's great..

Adam sedap tido...
mmg cantiklah Cambridge..sape yg lucky enough to be able to apply to Cambridge, giler all the colleges we went to..semua lawa2 giler..old historical buildings, wonderful traditions..
rase nak dtg lagi sini..dekat je..sejam naik train..
Adam, nak study kat Cambridge tak nanti?


Ernie Khairina said...

sweet jek last sentences ko tuh..if he could read it now..
aku pulak yg sentimental..haha..cantik2!

Unknown said...

dot, betul2 mcm hogwarts! huhu.. cantikla..mcm castle. aku nak jugakla melawat cambridge ni, mane tau in another 18 years akan dtg lagi ke sana hantar anak ke.. takpun melawat dadam ke.. ;p

E`n1x said...

ur wrap looks lovelier worn than the earlier photo u took of it on the floor =D

aidafiqs adamia said...

alamak sentimental ke...hehe...

ala jgnla 18 years..dtgla uk cpt2 dgn mumu n baby..hehe...

yes it is lovelier when worn :) tq!

faiehoney said...

aida, aku pon rase nak melawat adam !

Emmachann said...


seriously, great pics here! Btw, the Storch OMT tu nampak cozy giler.. huhu..

Anyway, Im due on 27may, insyaAllah. If u think about selling ur mei tai again, inform aa.. huhu.. :)


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