Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quick sewing project

I've started on a new quilt but it's been a few weeks and i'm hardly making progress! This is so frustrating! i'm a speed devil when it comes to sewing, i love seeing to work comes to life. With quilt you just need more patience i guess. i feel like i've come to a sewer's block?is there such a thing? i wanted to try machine applique and made up the pattern myself and to use up only the fabric i have on hand. feels like taking too much at once. terus tak jalan2 project. i'll just turn it into a long-term continuous project..boleh tak..

in the mean time i need quick projects for instant satisfaction. So i came up with these..

cushions in spring colours! i've been thinking in pink and green lately..

aren't the fabric gorgeous?? the cushions itself are pretty simple to make. sewed up in about an hour. see, instant gratification.
even more satisfaction when i see hubby curled up on the sofa hugging them :)


E`n1x said...

nice =D where did u learn how to make that? teach meeeee!!! =P

p-na mama oja said...

comei!! malangnya sy x pandai menjahit..huhu!

ibuadam said...

salam...rajin betul kamu aida...ader jer projek wat hand craft,..hihihi.alangkah bahgianyer kalo saya boleh buat demikian..

Ernie Khairina said...

dot, pink and green mmg blend well.. every spring pon mmg in for me, any occasion pon! hehe

ida said...

cant agree more to all comments. kan best kalau saya rajin seperti kamuuu..

bila selalunya time u menjahit? dadam tido lama ka?

~Mommy ZuE~ said...

wahhh..rajin nye! nice work indeed.. :)

aidafiqs adamia said...

i made them up's just simple straight sewing. if i make another one i try to do a tutorail ok..

tak susah pun..

ibu adam,

cantikkan pink n green..nak buat quilt lak lah..hehe

time mlm je boleh jahit..i sleep late la lps adam dah tido..

mrs N,
thank you!

Wiera said...

Aida...your pillow cases are so pretty :). Anyway...I went to the class...did my 1st pillow case too...hehe. Sorry...I can't take pics inside the shop la :(.

The classes are full so, my next class will be in June.

farmys said...



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