Sunday, January 11, 2009

1st day in london

Sorry again no pics. Hubby is out with his camera and his colleague to visit IC to see where it is and I’m at the hotel napping with adam. he’s still asleep so I have some time to update the blog..hehehe…

Yesterday we arrived at the airport around 5.30 am. At the hotel we relaxed, had breakfast, didn’t bother to unpack. We’re hoping to find our long term accommodation asap. Around 11 we went out and braced the cold. Well more like embracing the cold, for Adam but not for us. I don’t remember it being this cold when we were in Sheffield. I can feel my face freezing. Adam on the other hand took it like a pro. He was talkative, smiley, pointing around here and there. There were lots of merpati walking on the sidewalk..seronokla Adam. He kept smiling to everyone around and people keep saying hello to him, and smiling back.

We went to the nearest shops, on High Street Kensington. We wanted to look for winter essentials, like jackets and shoes, socks..etc. I still have my old trusted winter coat but my husband needs a new one and Adam needs a small new wardrobe since most of his Malaysian clothings are really airy and thin. We bought him only one jacket at Gap Kids in KLCC that costed us rm 90+ (after discount). Yesterday we saw the exact same jacket selling for GBP 6.99 = around rm35! So we bought him a bunch of good warm clothes…jacket, long sleeve shirts, thermal, thick pants..but he refused to wear socks, or hats or mufflers. Susahla mcm ni…along the street I tgk even anak2 mat Salleh ni pun berbalut mcm nak pegi igloo…berlapis2 balutnye and kalau dlm stroller siap bersleeping bag bagai sampai babynye pun tak nampak..nampak mata jer…Adam pulak yg relax…

We didn’t manage to find a jacket for hubby but found shoes. Hopefully today we can find the things we need. Later in the evening around 3 we went back out to get dinner and found a huge demonstration outside on the street protesting against the Gaza massacre. So many people and lots of police. We found a halal kebab shop and got our kebab and left. Adam was given free bread. Adam ni salu la dpt free food..

After dinner (at was only about 4pm by then but it was already magrib and dark outside) I put Adam to sleep and fell asleep myself. We’re jetlagged apparently! Doesn’t help that it’s winter. I’ve never gotten any jetlag in my 4 years in Sheffield. I believe its all down to getting enough sleep on the flight. And that was impossible with Adam around and the super sempit flight…all of us were up this morning at 3 am. And wondered what on earth are we going to do. So mainly we just layan Adam jelah….then at 6 I gave him a bath and got ourselves ready for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

ala... takde pics adam lagi ke? seriously we're looking forward to see Adam @London.. mesti excited gile dia kan..
flight yg korang naik tu sempit ke? i can't imagine flight airasia to london cemana plak.. hehe.. nyway, keep on updating! we'll keep refreshing your page now and then :p

Anonymous said...

Aida,this winter is memang super cold lah.6 years in Germany and never once i experienced this kind of winter.Every morning -11°C.Memang gila and everyday i have to walk to the office in this cold weather!Better keep your Adam warm.Takut pulak kalau dia sakit nanti.

Welcome again to Europe!

Anonymous said...

Aaah I miss my undergrad days in London. Tinggal hotel mana? I stayed near gloucester road station during my 3rd year with my husband. very near IC. Enjoy ur stay there!!!!

Anonymous said...

lin cakap "jom kita pegi London visit Aida".


iL4na said...

wah aida, hopefullly from now on can update daily kan? and more handycrafty stuff from u :)

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

i shall agree with lana, more handycrafty from you, aida! in fact tat was the very first thing i had in mind when i came to know that u r now a SAHM.

i think the global warming is causing the weather to be haywire everywhere. a friend in germany told me it's -21c at her place!

Ernie Khairina said...

u know what..even without pixies, i still can imaging adam..esp, when you mention about pointing here and there..also all other babies yang berbalut macam nak ke igloo..hehe.. keep me wondering lots!
dots, i really cant wait for the pictures..yeah!
btw, ive posted the picture of us..zaman muda2 berpiknik kat putrajaya, thats before adam..and yeah..look at you..maintain weh!

aidafiqs adamia said...

i guess it feels more sempit because i had adam in my arms for 14 hours! lps tu dia pulak nak main duduk bawah kusi la..panjat blakang la...very limited space for him so he was frustrated. plus it was near to impossible to go to the toilet because there was another passanger (sleeping) on the aisle seat..

you're working in germany?or doing the final thesis thing (you germany students sure have it hardla) i'm looking forward to going there to see my brother. he hasn't met adam yet. but maybe not in thsi winter huh..much colder there..

we're at the copthorne tara in kensington. tapi pegi gloucester road smlm :)


i will try. the fast internet in really encouraging. yes..i look forward to more sewing...hehehe...

global warming eh?wah...takutla..i better start my simple green living plan asap...

heheheh thanks! the pic in putrajaya..i was pregnant with adam actually! aku dah ade pic..jap lagi aku letak eh...

Anonymous said...

hi aida!
good to know u guys r having fun there!
yeah.. hope more ideas huh?? good for u..
nway, how long ur gona stay there?

Anonymous said...

heh klong auni tu bkan cam imi terhegeh2 la..die keje kat sini

Anonymous said...

eh eh dia pulak yg tolong jawabkan.yes aida, i work here.tapi sampai bulan 7 thn ni je sebab dah tak larat nak duduk sini.bila datang sini tell me lah jugak ye.nak jugak jumpa adam yg glemer ni


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