Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ada apa dgn Harrods?

Adam learned something new. He learned to blow his nose! Since he’s been having runny nose for a few days Daddy’s been showing him how to blow his nose. Yesterday he was playing with a roll of tissues, and then suddenly he ripped a piece and blew his nose with it! Terkejut kitorg berdua…hehe…congrats Adam!

We met some friends yesterday at the Malaysian Hall

at the malaysian hall

Food there was kind of cheap and oklah..semua melayu je there. I think you can’t come in if you’re not Malaysian unless accompanied by Malaysian friends.

From there our friends wanted to go to Harrods! Huhu..all this while we’ve never been to Harrods..we don’t know what’s the magic. So out of curiosity we follow suit. Mari tgk ape yg menarik sgt di Harrods..

in front of Harrods

Harrods gifts

Harrods food hall

I would say that the architecture and deco was impressive, Egyptian theme etc. The rest of the inside were just branded handbags (all of which cost a bomb!), perfumes, Harrods gifts, food. After leaving I still don’t get what’s the attraction? Somebody highlight me pls..our friends bought Harrods jams and cookies in cute little jam bottles and biscuit tins as gifts..

Oh but we did saw Tun Mahathir there! Tak sempat pulak nak mintak autograph atau amik gambar..hehe..

Today in the morning we shall check with the agent whether the problem has been sorted out and whether we can move in today. I’m nervous! If not we have to stay at the hotel another night. If we do move in today, we may not have internet connection for a while, until we install cable and broadband at the flat. Until then, wish us luck!!


muiz said...

i've been to harrods once in all my 3 years in london.. and the only thing i remember is the smell inside, which is annoying and not really nice at all..
btw, warwick avenue kat mana? SW2?

Anonymous said...

ek eleh... itu nizar di Uk rupenye =P
i cannot help but feel jealous of u ok aida... hihi
p/s.i still owe u my meitai pic, nnt i email u later wokeyh!

Ernie Khairina said...

aida, Tun Mahathir is really the highlight here..haha (i'm the fan) and i almost didn't finish reading your entry, because i wanna type the comment..haha..oh my!
p/s hello adam..main tissue pula

Anonymous said...

tak dapat pegi UK, kami arap ada la budak2 ni dpt p uk besok2.hahaha.

Anonymous said...

salam aida,
k.wawa penah ke harrods twice jer kot...tue pun pegi kat the gift department jer sebab kat situ jer rasanyer yg mampu beli :)...
anyway, adam dah okay ke? dun worry to much k, maybe adam try to adjust himself with the weather...
oh ya, taufiq work/research kat IC ya?, aida amik leave lah yea?
p/s: ahah, baru k.wawa perasan Iman same birth date ngan aida...hehhe..he just turned 3...and there's a new addition in the family...a baby girl, born 25th Nov 08...Nur Ireena Sofea... :)

Unknown said...

hai aida,
harrods bukan ke ade coklat yg sgt sedap+glamer a.k.a mahal? huhu.. anyway,hopefully ko tgh berpindah randah la ni.jgn lupe amik gamba! ;)

p/s: adam ni suke buat org rase nak cubit pipi die kuat2 tau!!

Fedyeu said...

eh aida, tuh nizar n ainul ke? derang stadi/keje kat uk gak ke? in case jupe lg, kem salam kat ainul ek..

Fedyeu said...

oh btw, besnye dpt gi uk balek.. n happy belated besday to u.. :)

Anonymous said...

adam comel. ajak mummy daddy cuti pegi chicago jumpa pakngah cepat! :D

Ms J said...

oo.sbbb cantik jelah ek...boleh la sok2...ade free time g harrods just to feel the environment and window shopping kots...tere la adam leh blow...aqil ni die bkn blow, die tarik dah jrg2 nanges2 pehtu mintak tisu nk lap tears..

Anonymous said...

i'm at baker street.nak dtg visittt..adam sgt adorable! buzz me when korg dah settledown sikit.
07599 272 319

Anonymous said...


nanti visit uncle ngan aunty Aina kat Greenwich ok? End of August nanti k?

- Uncle Badiuz


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