Friday, January 16, 2009

Adam enters the NHS!

In all my 4 years in the UK for my undergrad study, I have never had to go to the NHS for any treatment. Adam’s been here for 6 days and he’s already been HOSPITALISED!

Yesterday morning Adam’s cough got worse and he had this loud wheezing noise that sounds like he’s really having difficulty breathing. The night before he hardly slept, and neither did I. He refused to eat or drink since lunchtime the day before, except for breastmilk. Badan dia dah lembik. Hubby had to go to uni so I took Adam to a clinic. Luckily the clinic is just next door to the hotel. There was a bit of a problem at the clinic because Adam isn’t registered yet, and we don’t want him registered at that clinic, we have no address yet etc. but in the end they agreed to let the doctor see him. She gave me a letter and asked me to take him to the nearest hospital immediately.

Soon after hubby came back and we took him to the hospital. At the A&E, they examined him and told me Adam has croup. It’s a viral infection to the voice box and caused a swelling and that’s why he’s lost his voice and the constriction is making that wheezing noise and causing him difficulty to breathe. So they gave him medication (steroids? Any doctors here…is this ok to be given to toddlers?) to reduce the inflammation. We waited at the A&E and he received another dose of medication. Towards the end of the day they told me they still have to have Adam warded for observation..

Adam at the A&E

Off we went to the paediatric ward..a very eye opening experience for me. Hubby can’t stay, they only allow one parent to stay. I was really exhausted from the lack of sleep the night before. I was afraid I would fall into deep sleep and wouldn’t realise what’s happened to Adam in the middle of the night. Adam slept but he woke up every 20-30 mins crying because of his cough. Thank God for breastfeeding! I didn’t know what else to comfort him with..nothing else worked. Towards morning, his wheezing noise get less and less. The nurse came every now and then to check on him. For whatever reason, he hated the nurses and doctors and cried every time they come near him. It was a government hospital, a lot of sick children around. We didn’t get any pillows or blankets. It was very cold last night. We slept with all layers our clothes on and socks. They did have a nice tv for Adam though.

at the ward

In the morning, Adam was feeling much better. He woke up and straightaway wanted to play around the ward. I was glad that he seemed back to his usual self and eating again. Around 9.30am, the doctor came and checked on Adam. She said we can leave. I was surprised that we can immediately leave without having to wait hours for the discharge form or something. All treatment was free! We’re so glad to be back at the hotel…today will be just for Adam to rest, I think..poor baby..

Psss, tomorrow’s my birthday. Do you know what I really wish for?

A good night’s sleep!


Farhana said...
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Ernie Khairina said...

aida..risau je aku baca pasal adam..kesiannye, peralihan cuaca..adakah? aku tak sure but, get well soon..very well, adam!
aida, happy birthday..kena wish kat sini because i forgot to ask your new number masa YM ari, jadi tak to the restaurant @Sheffield? manatau tetibe adam jadik happy la la la balik ke bile korang ke tempat tu..cheh..mana la tau

Again, Happy Birthday MommyAdam!

Anonymous said...

kalau adam tak dpt meningitis immunisation, elok suntik terus.. takut terkena plak nnt

Anonymous said...


I just happened to land on ur blog. Regarding steroids use in croup : mild croup doesnt require any specific drug treatment, but moderate to severe croup would definitely benefit from a dose of steroid. I'm sure ur doctor had a good clinical judgment and thought ur son needed the steroid. Don't worry about steroid use, a one off dose is harmful. :) Hope it helps to reassure you

Shada said...

syukur alhamdullillah Adam dah sihat.

Aida...Happy birthday to you, lepas ni boleh cover balik tido...hihihi.

tak dapat nak kirim hadiah...cuma akak doakan Aida sekeluarga sihat dan selamat selalu.

Hanim said...

For croup, we usually use steroids. Not many condition warrants steroids...but steroid are safe for children/us, provided it's prescribed by a doc.

Happy Birthday Aida.

Hope Adam gets better. I would've suggested flu shot if I knew u guys were flying off :)

Unknown said...

glad to hear dat Adam is getting better. anyway happy birthday aida, hope u can get ur wish ....

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

masa first aku ingat adam kene lelah/asthma sbb ko ckp difficlut breathing and ade bunyi kat dada..tapi lain plak ek

mkgin ko kene cari supplementary for adam (of course sesuai utk toddlers) supaya imuniti die kuat sket esp to fit in dalam negara lain and he's only a baby btw! alang kite pun kadang2 susah nak fit in new country punye whether and environment..(and dr cucuk vaksin kalau nak gi umrah or etc kan ).kalau aku kecik2 mak aku selalu bg minum minyak ikan scotts emulsion,but not sure kalau baby boleh ke tak.

anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDA!!! remember kite baru terasa dah matured bile age 27? ko dah ada anak ok..aku ni lain cite la kalau baru nak terasa matured..haha.. i wish u happiness and blessings wherever u r and whatever u do!! and stay young!!

MN said...

happy birthday aida...
thank Allah that Adam is ok.

let me sooo wanna be back here in malaysia? just a wild guess..hehehe..
anyway, you guys take care over there!

Unknown said...

Aida, I was so risau bace pasal adam..ingat still warded lagi ke. Alhamdulillah la dah ok..betul fizah cakap. adam needs more vitamin c and etc.. sbb whether la rasenye ni..must always keep him warm ok.

Anyway, Happy 27th birthday Aida.. I believe u have been perfectly happy at this age.. a husband, a baby and dah jumpe pon dream house and dream job! ahaha..housewife pon boleh dikira job ape..miss u so much babe!

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah Adam tak duduk lama2 dlm ward. sian baby duk hospital kan?

Happy bday Aida!

aidafiqs adamia said...

decided tak jadi ke sheffield because Adam isn't well..payahlak nak bawak dia ke sheffield journey is 4-5 hours..lenkalilah...tq ernie!


Dr P,
Thank you that was very reassuring!

kak shais,
akak dah buka kedai yer?yay!congrats to you! love your backpacks...

oh yeah kan, that would've been wise.we left a little sudden, barely any time for preparation. should i get him a flu shot here then?

he is better and i did get my birthday wish! alhamdulillah..

happy birthday to you today!!heheh..yes i do give him multivitamins..

mrs noba,
no..i just really want some sleep!hehe..

alhamdulillah dia dah ok..

i know! i can't stand it when he has to stay at the ward..cian dia...

n.i. said...

happy birthday... Alhamdulillah Adam dah sihat :-)


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