Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New adventures

Yesterday was full of activities. In the morning breakfast as usual and then hubby and F went to uni. I didn’t come along this time and stayed in the hotel room with Adam. He had his morning nap while I contacted a few more landlords in the Warwick Avenue area. Around 11.30am Adam woke up from his nap. The weather outside looked promising. No hint of rain and I almost saw a bit of sun. So I took Adam out for a walk. I was starting to get hungry so on the way I bought us a Mixed Shawarma (lamb and chicken kebab) and took it to the park.

Adam nak kejar birds

We sat at a bench together and ate our kebab. We fed some to the birds. Adam was excited to be surrounded by birds. Suddenly a HUGE DOG, rupa mcm beruang kutub kaler putih, came sniffing around our bench! I was terrified! I started screaming and pulling my legs up and kicking. Adam on the other hand was merely curious and said “Eh? Eh!” The dog started to sniff Adam so I quickly took Adam and got away. The dog then sniffed our shawarma and gulfed it down! Sorang Mat Salleh lalu and said “I’m so sorry!Are you ok?” I thought he’s the owner but then he said “It’s not my dog! Who’s dog is it?? I’m sorry it’s not my dog!” We looked around and then an Asian lady came with a stroller calling after the dog. She mumbled sorry and didn’t even look at me. I was really upset with her for not keeping the dog on a leash but since she had a baby with her tak jadi nak marah. Good thing there was that mat Salleh who kept apologising for her.

What an adventure! Adam relax jer throughout…hahahha…terus kitorg jalan balik hotel…

on the busy oxford street

Then I got a call from hubby asking me to meet him at the tube station. We went shopping at Oxford Street! We went to Mothercare and bought Adam long socks and new warm Clark shoes. I also got him gloves and a matching hat. I even bought him some tights to wear under his jeans on extremely cold days…err..i got them from the girls’ section…sssshhh don’t tell anyone! Kesianla takkan girls je nak keep warm..Terus pakaikan Adam all his new winter accessories. Barula I feel so relieved. Before this his pants keep riding up, no socks, no gloves. His hands and legs asyik freezing cold. Now Adam looked like he can go to igloo with the other kids..yay!

Adam's new shoes
Lps tu belikan hubby pulak a new jacket and a warm muffler. Perfect! Before this dia pakai sweater je…sampai dah start batuk dan selsema…now that both my boys are wrapped up, barulah I can relax…

my boys nicely wrapped up

After lunch and prayers, we went to Warwick Avenue to look at apartment for F. He’s single so he’s looking for a slightly smaller apartment. The one we saw was nice, but not perfect. It has a private garden though at the back which was awesome! F made an appointment for us this Thursday afternoon for an apartment nearby. We went for a walk afterwards around the area and saw the building (for our Thursday appointment). It looked great! I have high hopes for this one. I can’t wait to see it! The area is a residential area and very calm and quiet..Adam had a good nap inside my buckle tai while we walked around..


Anonymous said...

looks like u guys are having fun! keep on posting!

p/s happy house hunting. btw hubby further studies ke?

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

thats fun! takutnye yg dog tu.kalau aku dah nak pengsan.adam bole rileks je..hehe

ok, nnt jgn lupe update the choices of houses..

Ernie Khairina said...

suke je baca ur new adventures..take care!

aidafiqs adamia said...

thanks! hubby keje but at the same time register for phd..

aku pun hampir pengsan pasal dog tu...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aida, bestnye korang the whole family kat London!! Anyways location picture #1 tu looks so familiar. Kat IC kan? Sigh, miss the place. Have fun over there.


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