Tuesday, January 20, 2009

hope everything goes well..

Yesterday i stayed at the hotel with Adam for most of the day. Keeping him warm so hopefully the little bit of nose block will go away soon. He was energised throughout the day as usual. i'm looking forward to having a bigger space in the apartment for Adam to play around..
in the afternoon we went to the see the agent to sign the agreement for our apartment. Alhamdulillah our landlord has accepted our offer on the flat and will be signing the agreement later in the day (she's in the US. it was still nightime there). We need to pay a 6 weeks deposit and a month's rent in advance, which is a huge amount to pay upfront but that's just the way they do it here. there was a little bit of technical difficulty in regards to payment but alhamdulillah just before we left it looked like it was all sorted out...but it might delay things a we might move in on thursday, depending on how long the process takes. Sigh, but it's long as the apartment is still ours :)

daddy wearing adam


Ernie Khairina said...

we pray.aida, nape tetibe aku rasa mcm dh lama ko gi sana?ko sihat?

adaho said...

hye,been ur silent reader for quite sometime,hope u dont mind....anyway,happy belated birthday,...

Ms J said...

aida, how long you guys will be in the UK? we've been quite busy sket this semester..penat nih...but what to do..nak tuka profession punyer psl..i tot u both yg nk further kak farah here also??

Anonymous said...

i need to email you la. whats your email add?

or can you email me at mamaandme at gmail dot com.


aidafiqs adamia said...

blom 2 minggu lagi :) alhamdulillah aku about you?

of course i don't mind! welcome :)

3 years, insyaAllah. who's kak farah??


shuzana said...

hi aida..
salam perkenalan dr shu..shu pun baru je sampai uk ni..sampai sini 7th jan lepas..terus ke hull..

hubby shu keje kat sini gak..dlm 2 - 3 yrs..

still dok hotel..rumah tak tahu nak masuk bila..baru tgk smlm..nak tgg next appointment jumaat ni plak..tak sabo nak dok rumah..dok hotel ni sanggap la..heheh

Ms J said...

farahdilla kot nama u unpaid leave 3 years ke???..wahhh...leh la one baby here ek??best2...

Anonymous said...

salam, mama ni, nk belajar cuba respon kat blog aida. faeiz kata abah tak nak makan skrang. minum susu je


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