Monday, January 12, 2009

House hunting

where hubby will be working

In the morning right after I updated the blog yesterday, hubby came back from his visit to IC. It was around 11am. We were going to go to oxford street for some more shopping, but called a landlord first. The apartment is located near to our hotel. She said she is available now so we went to see her first, thinking that we can shop later before our 2 o clock appointment with another landlord in Notting Hill.

adam's first encounter with the London Underground

We took the tube eventhough it’s nearby close because we don’t know the area…it was only one station away from the hotel. But when we got there we got lost and called the landlord. She said she’ll pick us up in front of the Holiday Inn. Apparently there were 2 holiday inns. When we finally got there it was really very close to the tube station. The flat was a huge disappointment. I was expecting small apartments mind you, because I know London apartments are always small. But this one, oh dear, it’s like elves or dwarfs should live there. With the amount that she was charging, I was expecting something decent, at least. Plus it was dirty and not well maintained…suffice to say we got out asap…it was around 12.30 then..

bergambar dpn double decker

We thought we had time to shop a bit. So pegi marble arch. But by the time we got there..dah 1.20! our next appointment kol 2! Argh…somehow time flies so fast! So tak jadi shop or mkn, terus naik tube balik pegi notting hill. Tibe2 sampai sana tgk2 jauh pulak lagi…naik pulak tube balik pegi Bayswater. Sampai Bayswater patutnya dah dekat..tapi kitorg sesat barat lagi…pusing2…by this time dah lapar giler and soo tired…when we finally found the flat on time, the landlord lak tak show up..and tak angkat call!! Wargh tension…

Terus kitorg gi mkn kebab…fuh lapar sgt..then around 2.50 the landlord called. She completely forgot! Piirah…smlm beria2 ckp pls be on time la we met her at the flat around 3.15. The apartment was nice. Sayang tak amik pic..we were too exhausted by then to take pics. Everything is included including duvets, new sheets, cutlerys, pots and pans…etc. but its located on the third floor..we were breathless by the time sampai atas. Then the kitchen is in the living room? Weird tak..aku tgh bayangkan mcmana aku nak masak sambil guest ade kat sofa nampak aku masak? Plus she said she doesn’t want any food smells…kalau boleh masak food yg tak smelly..apekah?? sian laki aku tak dptla mkn kari…so eventhough the apartment was nice and looks very well maintained..lets just put it in the “maybe” list..we have more apartments to see..

Tapi the time we got back to the hotel…we were close to fainting from sheer exhaustion. Our bodies are soo not ready for all the walking! No stamina! Maybe we should’ve built some stamina before we came…I don’t know how I’m gonna cope with more house hunting. padahal the two apartments we looked at were in the surrounding area je..Plus hubby will be starting work tomorrow..maybe I have to hunt alone with Adam…waaa…wish me luck!


kemaryahya said... nice to c u all there!!
adam cam relax gile and happy! mana tak nye, mummy daddy yg dukung. tu pada mummy daddy nak pengsan. hahaha.
taufiq keje kat IC rupenye? buat research kat citu la ye. sgt bertauliah. bagus..bagus..

Unknown said...

patut la lame gila tak update, rupenya dh selamat kt London, taufik buat ape?kerja ke PhD?how long?anyway, good luck and have fun (sure Adam used British accent once balik sini, hehe)

Unknown said...

dot..penatnye dgr citer ko house hunting. xpela, slow2..nak cari umah kene yg betul2 ko suke, 3 taun nak dok situ beb! anyway, goodluck! nanti jgn lupe amik gamba apartment2 tu..bole we all give our opinion lak. hehe..nak gak nyebuk! ;p

Anonymous said...

yay! finally dpt tgk adam.. hehe.. nampak gaya, adam loves london so much.. mesti dia tak teringat pun kajang at this moment kan? hehehe..
ha'ah la aida, next time amik gamba apartment tu, then kita buat poll.. but of course la u guys nak move in as soon as possible kan.. takper, insyaAllah akan jumpa yg best punye.. we'll pray for you k :)

btw, suke tgk gamba adam senyum kat dpn hotel tu.. happy betul dia!

Anonymous said...

suke la aku nak baca berita ko kat london ni sbb aku sangat teringin nak ke sana! nak nengok rumah in your 'maybe' list tu..biar kitorg vote nanti mana paling cun and best..(sebok tak semua2 kwn2 ko nih)

sama2 doakan dapat la aku melawat ko kat sana ...

Ernie Khairina said...

aida, aku still rase magic..bukan kah ko ade kat umah aku last week? sekang sudah berjalan2 bersejukan di sana?
adam relex jek sejuk! berbakat?
good luck aida, best juga dapat jenjalan ngan adam esok, hmm..challenge tuh tapi exciting aa

p/s nnt conference lagik

Anonymous said...

salam aida...

Good to hear u guys selamat sampai london safely.. a night before taufik email bdak2 kmys, i dreamt about touring europe ngan geng2 shef zaman blajar2 dulu.. ruper2 korg nak pegi balik sane rupernye. Worse thing is that i started craving kebab shef.. greg's cheese n onion n walkers!! mane nak dapek kat sini.. pening la husband ku nak carik benda2 tuh kat sinih. Anyway.. enjoy your new life over there and take care! - love.. shikin razali

scrubber said...

Hi aida! I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking up babywearing stuff.I am a stay at home mum at the moment and we live in Reading, not far from London.I just want to wish you happy house hunting in London!

aidafiqs adamia said...

suddenly he's so berat in london..hehe..

taufik buat research for Pet..

hoepfully jumpala rumah yg ok nnt..doa kan ek..

yeah..he's loving london..hehe..

ok nnt aku gi visit rumah2 aku amik pic eh..

ape yg magiknye...airplane?hehe..jom dtg sini..

oh greggs! i forgot..yum! aku terining millies cookies tapi tak jumpe lak..hows ur pregnancy?

hello and welcome! good luck with finding a suitable carrier!u keje doktor eh kat reading?


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