Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let's grow old gracefully, shall we?

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday :)

In the morning before breakfast everything looked so gloomy and rainy outside, we didn’t think we could go out. But suddenly after breakfast, the sun decided to come out and everything is transformed! Terus we decided to take advantage of the weather…

We took Adam to Hyde Park! Wow how beautiful it is over there…subhanallah…
i can just imagine how amazing it would be in spring with all the flowers coming out..

Adam chasing after pigeons

leher adam balut dgn daddy's scarf to keep him warm. it may look sunny, but it was still terribly cold and windy..

these little guys are cute but overly friendly..diorang kejar saya and adam..takut kene gigit...hehe..

Hubby took me shopping and bought me a pair of new shoes as a birthday present..thank you bang! My old shoes that I wore for years in Sheffield suddenly cracked yesterday pulak…haha..mcm tau2 jer…ala lupa amik pic..

Hubby was ready to take me to dinner last night @ Edgware Road but suddenly bos kecik tu tido lena pulak at 5.30pm..laaa kesian lak nak kejut dia..finally he’s sleeping well! We decided we’ll just go when we’ve moved to our new apartment, which is walking distance to Edgware road. In fact Adam slept so well last night that he only wakes up for his normal feedings, no more coughing and crying! Alhamdulillah…and that also means, Mommy got a good night’s sleep! That must be Adam’s birthday present for me! Thank you Adam!!!

caaayang dia...

At 27, I have a wonderful family who loves me and we’re here together in this exciting foreign land..Alhamdulillah..what more can I ask for..

To hubby and Adam, I love you both very much!!


kemaryahya said...

aida, aku tau aku terlambat nak wish ko. tp aku mmg igt bfday ko. siap bgtau pecol lagi bfday ko arini. cume takde chance nak wish ko.
happy bfday darling! happy to c ur keluarga bahagia. :)

oh ya, yg pasal adam tu. maybe awal-awal ni ko kene stay put at home dulu since adam kan baby lagi and ni first time he encounters such weather. lama2 nnti baru la his body tune with the situation there. i hope he always fine. take care then.
*just a thought

Nana said...

hepi besday to u tau yg aida ni same age with envy bila dapat tau u kat london....hehe...gurau saje tu dear...
niway....semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki, sihat tubuh badan...daaaaaaaannnnnnnn....dapat anak ramai....hehehe

Ems said...

just bumped into ur blog. happy birthday mommyadam! ;)

Hada Masayu said...

hi aida..HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY..just got a chance to wish u since i went back to MIL hse..

Ernie Khairina said...

aida, happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aida,

Happy belated birthday!

I really like the last picture!!! what a nice shot! :)

iL4na said...

Happy 2*th bDay Aida!! From all of us here in Camar :)

btw aku n azie dok jeles tgk rumah korang kat sana. Nanti kami visit bleh? :P iA lah

Anonymous said...

happy b'day mommy adam,wish u happy with lovely dadam n hubby,
for adam semoga sihat2 ya!.

aidafiqs adamia said...

thank you!

dpt anak ramai?hehehe...

miss spoilbrat,

thank you!

happy for u too!

wee chen,
thank you!hubby shot that pic :)

your house is a steal, too!

ibu adam,
thank you!

Anonymous said...

hapy birthday! =D

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!
alhamdulillah adam dah sihat :)

Anonymous said...

eh, ur bday ?? mine was yesterday the 18th. Happy birthday to us!!

Nurhafizah Fauzi said...

aida! happy birthday!
take care ok and post more of yr stories! nak tauuu

aku akan jadi pengunjung setia blog ko lps ni

aidafiqs adamia said...

lily and prifiz,
thank you!

farid and fizah,
you two have the same birthday! happy birthday!!!

Ninie said...

so sweet...loike ur last pic...


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