Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Adam behaving like a 15 months old

Yesterday I planned a relaxing for Adam and I. in the morning we went for breakfast at the hotel and then went for a walk with my husband to send him off on his first day at work. It was about 20 mins walk from the hotel. At the uni we waited for F, hubby’s colleague. While waiting, Adam played with birds in the little park in front of the library. He enjoyed it a lot. He chased after pigeons and screamed excitedly, asking them not to run away. I thought later I would take him to Hyde park to play with more birds.

adam in the bath

Soon after , F arrived and we said goodbye to Daddy (and the birds). Adam was upset. Either because we’re leaving Daddy or the birds or both. He started to cry. And he kept crying all the way back! No it wasn’t a very pleasant journey! It started to drizzle a little bit so I had to cancel our trip to the park. When we arrive at the hotel, Adam was exhausted and fell asleep immediately.

For the rest of the day we stayed at the hotel and play. It was drizzling outside throughout the day. I contacted a few agents and landlords, but unfortunately all the flats I wanted to see are either unavailable, or needs 6 months rental in advance, or doesn’t want children (wth??). Adam behaved kind of weird. He was happy one minute, and screaming and crying the next. He has been that way for a few days now. But yesterday was a particularly difficult day for him (and me!). He kept crying in between play. Like if I take him out after his bath. Or when I tell him NO to climbing the windowsill. It was driving me a little nuts. Normally at home when I say no to him, he just goes and plays with something else. I thought he was just cranky from the move to London with the weather and everything. But just now I read my Babycenter update and it echoes exactly how Adam is behaving, again. The first thing they said was that, “Whining and screaming: If your 15-month-old has started sounding like a hyena or worse, you're experiencing his intense desire to interact with you.” It then went to explain how it can be handled. Alhamdulillah…hopefully I will get better at handling him when he’s screaming and driving me crazy! Hehe.. I thought it might be because I spoiled him! at least now I know why he’s behaving like that.

our bed
Around 3 pm both of us fell asleep due to jetlag. At around 5pm my husband called saying that another friend of ours, K, invited us to see his apartment located somewhere further away from the uni, but is a good apartment. So off we went on the tube. We woke Adam up and he was actually happy to be out and to see Daddy. K’s apartment felt like home. It was spacious by London standards, and very well maintained. It has a lift, alarm system, a separate kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a big living room. The master bedroom has en-suite bathroom. This is the sort of apartment we’re looking for. The rent is similar to what we’re offering to pay, but in that location (just outside of zone 1) you can apparently get better apartments. In central London where we have been looking, at that price the apartments are just too small. Hubby decided it was worth the 20 mins by tube to uni to live in a comfortable home. Plus he can get an Oyster Card and have the tube cost reduced. Today we shall look for apartments in Warwick Avenue, or Little Venice.

hotel toilet
After visiting K’s home, we went for dinner at Edgware Road, where most of the Arabs are. It’s just a tube station away from Warwick Avenue. The food was great, and there are plenty more halal restaurants there. All the more reason why we might want to look for apartments there.
By the time we got home, it was half past 9, I think. Adam was getting sleepy. As soon as we got to the hotel, I put him to sleep. He didn’t wake up until 6 this morning. Yay! So hopefully no more jetlag for him. I on the other hand was awake at 3am, again. But forced myself to lie in bed and try to sleep.


Hada Masayu said...

Aida, i've read all yr story bout hse-hunting yang memeningkan tuh, perangai adam yg weird tuh, exploring sana sini..hehe..aku dpt imagine and rasa mcm 1 experience yg menyeronokkan je,hehe :)...rasa cam nak ikut jek ko g carik umh tuh..tadi kat ofc, kema bgtau aida dh update blog, gile xsaba aku nak blk umh baca blog,hehe..nak access dr ofc aku jgn harapla :(..ceritala lagi aida,hehe, khusyuk aku bace :)..balik2 keje je td terus bace blog ko nih :)

Ernie Khairina said...
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Ernie Khairina said...

aida, tho i can't imagine the place uve mentioned but i think the name itself sounds that good; warsick avenue?aku google bole? semangat! ghee..aida, good luck for next hunting..lambat2 pon ok kot, since kena pilih betul2 utk 3 years nih..
aida, wanna see adam main2 kat hyde park!

Anonymous said...

dah lama tak baca blog ko... tup tup dah ade kat london.. ko jadik fulltime housewife laa ek.. jealouss.. lepas ni adam balik mesia speaking abisss aaa... complete ngan british accent lagik..

well, good luck to three of youu...

Unknown said...

bestkan babycenter update tuh....sometime (& ussually) help me understand my baby behaviour.

btw, u jln2 with adam u pakai MT or he juz walk? hehehehe wondering jer

Unknown said...

aida,bestnye dgr pasal aprtment tu.. mcm dah perfect je. dok situ jela dot..since tofik pon willing to travel sket kan. yg penting rumah harus selesa! keep on updating..coz i'm already miss u and dadam..

aidafiqs adamia said...

hehe..nak tulis as often as possible...ko taula aku ni sgt a month aku mesti lupa dah what happens today...tq hada read my blog!

nanti aku amik pics of the neighbourhood...cantik! hyde park tak pegi lagi dgn adam...

excited sgt nak jadi housewife ni! hehe...tahla maybe adam ckp english slang kajang jugak..cos dia homeschool! heheh..

betul2! i love baby center..senang nak relate dgn my baby...i pakai BT, adam jln2 kalau kat park or indoor je..

mmg best area tu! read my new entry!


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