Sunday, January 11, 2009

finally some photos

again i've been up since subuh, malaysia time. anyone has tips to get over jetlag?good thing is i have free time to update...adam and hubby still's 1 am now..i bet around 3 they'll both be up too..

adam fascinated by the light

adam playing with his shoe kat bwh tempat duduk

hubby and adam in front of our hotel. lots of pilots and stewardess staying here for whatever reason..the Bugis is actually a malaysian/singaporean food restaurant in the hotel..

the demonstration..i'm impressed how much they care about palestine..

Adam exploring the room in his pj


Ernie Khairina said...

aida, tgh chatting pon aku nk gak tulis sini kan..haha

Unknown said...

alar adam dah kat london, aunty n micah nak ikut jugak....wah nanti adam ni nanti sure speaking best yelah at this age dia merantau jauh nun

Unknown said...

adamm..sure die happy gile and nak explore semua bende. dot, kat malaysia pon ade org wat demo pasal gaza nih..u take care ok. jgn dok dekat2 sgt ngan diorg tu. anything can happen

mOmmy of Triplets plus One said...

malaysian airline crew stay at tat hotel for night stop in london..tu pasal u see lots of them sbb MAS fly to london everyday.
if u r at the hotel till end of the month, u mite bump into my dad too...ade mau pesan pape2, hihi?

Anonymous said...

hi aida!!!
i've been opening your blog since dec last year, n excited to see how adam starts his new year, tapi takde update, tup tup you all dah kat London pulak...i should've said hi to u during bulan puasa aritu kat ampang park when i got the chance,,now dpt tgk adam online jer..huhu...anyway, i went to zuriana's wedding the other day..dia still kecil cm darjah 6 dulu gak...we talked about you n the other ex-6 was superfun to get together after the last reunion (in 2000, if i'm not mistaken), i didnt get the chance to meet the other classmates though, because i went quite late, but zuri said, a lot of them turned up n she hardly recognize everybody,,,haha...dia ckp semua dah berubah muka.(ceh, memang la,,,hahah)anyway, those who came were maizura, nizar, haryani, raja,alisa n shahril n so on n so forth la (tak ingat)...we r going for zetty n taufik latif's wedding this 25th...hahah..ceh kawen budak kelas jugak...hahha..wish you were there,, boleh main2 dgn your baby...anyway, have a great n properous new year, enjoy London, n send my big kiss n hugsss to little adam.

aidafiqs adamia said...


jomla bwk micah...

takut jugak sbb diorg ramai and mereka semua badan besar2..tapi bagus sgt depa care about gaza..

so far not yet nak pesan pape sbb baru je sampai sini...maybe next time boleh??heheh..

laa rugi miss zuri's wedding..nnt kem slm dorg ek...

Mamamarina said...

Aida.. ko dah sampi sane??? good luck babe.. expecting ur daily update huh?waaa seronoknye..


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