Monday, January 19, 2009

Visit to our new housing area and The Story of Stuff

Yesterday was more of a relax Sunday, just lazying around. In the afternoon we decided to take a walk around our soon-to-be neighbourhood area..

Part of the neighbouring area. It's a quiet residential area. Feels so safe and calm to be walking down the streets. i've yet found where the parks are..harap2 ada..boleh main pagi2 dgn adam..

Adam finally allowed us to put a hat on him. but only when it's cold..bila masuk somewhere warm he takes it off..pandai anak mommy..

Our apartment building! it turns out it's just a few mins walk from Edgware, where all the halal butchers and grocers are, alhamdulillah..tesco and a local organic shop are just around the corner..big motivations for me to cook wholesome meals from scratch! insyaAllah..
i am really happy with our decision to live in this area, instead of in central london, where everything is so busy and chaotic and the apartments are tiny! hopefully everything goes well so we can move in on wednesday :)

in other news, adam learned to take off his own shirt yesterday. but you can tell from his expression he was getting impatient at the amount of work it took to take off one's shirt..hehe..
Very important to share this - have you all seen The Story of Stuff?
pls watch it! sangat menginsafkan...i really2 want to work at simplifying and going green as much as possible after watching it...


Ernie Khairina said...

aida, alala..comel jek adam berusaha betul membuka bajunya..pandai!

Ms J said...

salam aida,

still remember me x?we met once je kot ms ade conference dulu..baru terbc ur blog that u dh sampai london..once a while mai la dtg edinburgh...but believe me...your apartment tu superb cantikla...our house kt sini pon..ala kadar...neway..for a year...xkisah sgt...bestnyer jd housewife...leh sharpen ur cooking skills huh??..hihi..

Unknown said...

nice housing area! good decision korang!

Anonymous said...

congrates on finding a place u can call home!!


~ziey~ said...

Finally u find the sweet nice home...have a wonderfull life there ya! All d best!

Anonymous said...

salam aida n taufiq,
lama tak bukak blog aida tgk2 ehh dah ada kat London...Alhamdulillah, murah rezeki :)...
Bestnyer dapat pegi sana lagi kan, nanti bleh bawak adam tgk Uni mummy n daddy kan :)...suka k.wawa tgk adam enjoy kat sana...
ok aida, take care ya...ooh, and happy belated bday, sis...
kim salam kat taufiq n kisses to Adam...

MN said...

congratulations on ur new apartment.
berapa lama ke sana aida?

adam is soo cute! is he ok now?

aidafiqs adamia said...

yes..we just got back inside so he was feeling particularly warm...tu yg cepat2 nak buka baju..

of course i remember you! how are u and anip in edinburgh?would love to visit! pls come visit us too if you come to london yeah..

tak sabar nak pindah..

k fatin,
thank you!

thank you!

kak wawa,
lamanye tak jumpa kak wawa n abg lan..anak akak yg sama birthday tu pun tak penah jumpa! he just turned 2 la kan?happy birthday!

mrs noba,
insyaAllah 3 years..adam is feeling much better..tq..

Anonymous said...

Hi Aida,

I hope you and your family are doing well in London. I have been silently reading your blog and enjoying your updates about UK. Keep em coming ;)

However, I really have to thank you for alerting us and sharing about The Story of Stuff. It is really an eye opener.

I am going to do an entry about it in my blog soon. Thank you too for working on simplifying your lives. You are indeed an inspiration to me and I will definitely start simplifying too =)


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